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Is It Karma? Is It Murphy's Law? Is It Him Acting Like A 14yr Old? (No Offense To The 14yr Olds Out There*)

It seems the tides may be turning. No matter if you watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 or not, everyone had an opinion on them. I used to like them in the beginning. How could you not? Those kids are so stinking cute and really? The logistics of raising twins and sextuplets peaked my interest. For the first season, I didn't really think anything of how Kate talked to Jon. I was still in the "holy bat balls! she has eight kids! is she crazy?!" phase. I was fascinated that they were so organized, the kids pretty much listened. I don't know, maybe it was because Jon was out of the house working? That may be it. He wasn't home during the day so there wasn't much to do with the Kate/Jon dynamics.

Then I started to put aside the logistics and the mad parenting skills of keeping 6 two year olds together and not lose one in the grocery store. I started to see what my sister in law was talking about. What others were talking about. This woman? Who has eight children (have I mentioned she's crazy for this? God bless her)? She talked to her husband like he was the 9th child. I would never in a million years think of talking to my husband the way she talked to Jon. I get that she is the one who pretty much does everything during the day (at least that's what they show on tv) but dang, yelling at him about not using the coupon at the store is a bit much no?

Kate's the one that filed for divorce. I get it. They grew apart. They aren't the same people they were when they married. Shit, I'm not the same person I was last week. Parents of multiples have a higher separation/divorce rate (that's what I hear and what I've seen - I ain't no expert though). I kind of wish they had stayed together and tried to work it out but I realize that every marriage can't be roses and butterflies. (Damn!) So, everyone took sides. I think it's accurate to say that most people took Jon's side. I sorta did. I don't know what all went on in the house (nor do I want to know) but from what the family has shown us (they have final say on what airs I think), perhaps the split is best.

So now, the divorce papers were filed less than a month ago. Jon has a new girlfriend, supposedly. Ya know what? That's great and all. Good for him. BUT dude, sersly? Your kids can read. Your kids can see that you're on the cover of these magazines. They can see that you have a cigarette hanging from your mouth. (Did he smoke when he was living with Kate? Gawd, I'm a nosey bitch) At any rate, stepping out with the new woman so soon after the split? That doesn't look good to some people. I would dare to say it doesn't look good to a lot of people.

I normally wouldn't link to a gossip site but the comments alone on this story just show what I'm talking about. I'm tending to lean towards Kate now. I say that because Jon appears to be acting like a 14 yr old (again no offense 14 yr olds!) who has finally been allowed out of the house and now must do everything he was forbidden to do while he has responsibilities children at home that can see what's going on. I tend to take her side now because I'm a mom. Others will feel different than me and that's ok, but as a mom, I can see her side. My husband is nothing like Jon (except the whole quiet thing but I don't shut up, like Kate Ha!) If my husband were to leave me, I would feel the need to put everything off to the side that would benefit me so that I could care for the kids. I know, she's going to be accused of being a martyr. So what! EIGHT CHILDREN! All of this babbling is leading somewhere. I just can't recall where. Oh yes.

What do you guys think of what's going on? What do you think of Jon's cavorting around with a youngin' and smokin' away for the paparazzi (that you know they know is there)? Nosey Enquiring minds want to know.

*just in case there are 14yr olds reading. And if you are? Could you tell me what brought you here and why you stayed? kthxbai


Steph said…
They are both definitely at fault IMO. They both have there faults. I do believe that he wanted to stop the show and Kate couldn't fathom the thought of stopping, because it was there meal ticket at that point. I believe the show in the end was the final point of splitting them up, and by the end I think Jon was so beaten down by her that he didn't even want to try. And she realized to late that she couldn't fix it, the damage was done. In the end (like I have said since before this all went down) that the kids loose, big time. And that is the saddest part of the whole thing. Her supposedly having a relationship w/ her body guard and him with whatever flavor of the week, just shows they grew apart long ago. They moved on before the public even realized it. Smart? No, but people do stupid things. I think we can all learn a lesson from them. Money can't buy happiness.
Anonymous said…
it's his fault. he doesn't want to be married or a dad anymore. it's sad to say but sometimes that's how i think my friend's soon-to-be-ex feels. he REALLY reminds me of jon. when they split up, he left the household and made excuses about not wanting to see the kids because he didn't have anywhere to take them.. and he didn't want to watch them at her place even though she would leave and give him time alone with them. so she just gave up. he didn't see them barely at all for a few months and now he has his own place so i guess we'll see if he sees them more. he just brought his new fling to "meet" the 3 kids and was drinking and hanging all over her and the oldest boy ended up bawling and sleeping at a friend's that night cause he couldn't handle the stress. way to transition your kids into your new dating life, daddy-o!!!!!!!!!! ggggggrrrrr!!!!!!!! ok i'm done. :)

anyways, kate is a biatch, but jon knew that when he married her. they could have had counseling. but he chose to cheat. i don't think she cheated with the bodyguard, i think jon started that rumor.

Sarah O said…
It is both their faults, and I believe Jon is a great father. What he does in his off time away from the kids is his business, as much as no one agrees with it. He handles the kids most of the time. Kate is gone on speaking engagements and book signings etc. and he is the one doing the "mothering". I can see why he got so frustrated doing all the work and then getting yelled at at every turn. They should have had counseling from the moment they had the sextuplets. I cannot stand her, but I also think she is a good mom offering lots of structure to her kids. It is a shame we have to watch them, but their story is not that different from others who decide to let themselves grow apart instead of trying everything they can - especially counseling - to keep things civilized.

PS I need to stop reading those mags!

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