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My Alex. He calls me his Trish. I belong to him now.  I hope the husband doesn't mind. Love love love Alex!




Welcome Fall. Winter? Take your time sweetie. Spring, you're alright by me. Summer? We had a great love affair and I can't wait to do it again!!!


She's having a stellar hair day I think!
My Peanut and Baby Girl
Our friend Alex riding in the Jane cow car and loving it!
My Peanut posing like a diva in her cow car (I missed the name, mighta been Nancy, eh, who knows?)
Alex and his mama, our friend Ashley
I don't think she liked riding the pony one. little. bit. Nope, not at all.
I thought for sure this one would be a screamer and the little stinkpot jones surprises me and laughs.  Also? She loves touching the hairs. She did this with the goats last weekend too. Textures people. Textures.


Our friend Alex spent the afternoon with us recently. His mama is going to have a sister or brother for him in April. He would like a sister, thank you very much. My girls were loving on him so much. 

Something went wrong in the communication process. Me thinks the 17mo old doesn't understand the 3yr old 



My niece, Bananas. Enjoy the nom nom factor. She'll giggle for you.....


An afternoon with my lovely and adorable niece, The Monkey



Pretty in pink, anxiously waiting for the bus........



Who knew a lifelong dream of mine could be filled at the Renaissance Festival?
I sure as shit never knew but lookie there!! I'm riding on a freaking elephant!! It was awesome, fantastic and entirely way too short thankyouverymuch.  I went twice.


I really need to get a new laptop desk thingamajig. Any suggestions?


Oh, hello there. You have food for me yes? No? Hmph. Be gone.


Cousins playing nicely together. For now. Until one wants what the other has. Nothing new.


She really likes pink. Also?  She LOVES school. Loves it I say!!


The girl loves her baby that Nana P got for her. Hugs it and says Awww.  Makes us say aww, for sure.
*sorry for the craptastic quality, phone camera's not that great in low light*


My Mini Me She has more hair at 16mos than her sister did at 2 years. But she wears it so well.


At least they like each other. Sometimes. When they are going at each other, as siblings are prone to do, most times I let them "duke" it out. Other times I step in and make it stop. I tell them that life is too short to be fighting this way. Especially over who sits in the end seat on the couch. There are two ends people. 
Getting them to understand that someday all they'll have is each other is so hard. They get that we're all going to die someday but they don't get that when Mama and Daddy are gone? They have each other. I mean yes, they have cousins and aunts and uncles and all that good stuff but still. Life is too short.
When September 11 happened, the husband and I had just moved in together. We'd been dating for 7 months and were planning our wedding for the following summer. He snores so I was sleeping in the recliner in the living room. He went to work. I slept in. Ahh, I miss those days. Darn kids. 
When I was in that half awake, half asleep mode, I w…


Rocking out for Uncle Peej's band.......Monogon
Lovely Bananas

Haven't you always wanted a monKEY?!

Baby Blues are killing me here

Yeah, I'm laughing. What of it?


We started Kindergarten today!

Mommy and her big girl. That's right people...purple and gold pride!
SKOL Vikings!!

Rocking the cowboy boots of course!


Had a great time at the game and was glad they won. Rocking the pink Monogon beanie because dudes? It was chilly. Not cold, just chilly in that I can't get warm chilly. Blech!


The obligatory Back to School photos........part one (part two is the girl and she starts Thursday)

with Daddy

with Mama