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Random Things

The girl from Are We There Yet? (with Ice Cube) she does the voice of Sidetable Drawer on Blue's Clues. AND she was on Out Of The Box as well as Aleisha

Holy crap does Lost get better every freaking week or is it just me? Good Lord.

My right shoulder is killing me and my arm goes numb sometimes. Thank goodness it's not my left arm or I would think I was having a heart attack. I'm pretty sure it's cause I was carrying Peanut around in the mall today before and after their pictures were taken. (I'll post those soon)

I hate winter. Specifically, I hate the road conditions and other drivers in the winter time.

Thanks for listening oh faithful internet.

It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Rather Than Later

Sam from my July 1st post has passed on - I'm too lazy to think of how to put that in link form. I thought the thing was dead to begin with. Perhaps battery operated and that's how it won those contests but no, it seems the pooch was truly alive. I still shudder when looking at the poor thing. The thought that his owner actually kissed him - ish. Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Ok, that was nauseating (I butchered that word I just know it). Brit and Kev are showing off the baby. I hate knowing that I'll buy that damn issue of People magazine cause I'm a useless information whore. Grrr. Nick and Jess are splitting up. I was rooting for them to make it but oh well. Tom bought a sonogram machine for Katie. What. The. Hell. What else is there? I had a hamster named Matilda when I was in high school. Until I found out it was a boy hamster that lost his junk when the other hamsters at the pet store attacked him. I think of the hamster (renamed Booger because he was one) on…

I've Got Some Tricks But I'll Give Ya A Couple Treats Instead

So she was supposed to be a fairy with cute wings that had irredescent thingies on them and a hat the had a couple antannae. Yeah those had fun at home on the bottom of the stairwell. She went as a pink ladybug instead. I'll be tossing her in the full ensemble soon to get a photo though.

Our litte racer. He had SO much fun this year now that he understands the concept of candy and some magic words. He was saying trick or treat to everyone at the doors. He was so good. (Whew)

We Have Arrived And Amazingly, We're Still Alive

So we did the big move to Minneesotah. Spring Park. Near Wayzata. Mound. Navarre. A couple miles down the road from the Minnesota Vikings boat incident last month. Yes, now you know where I live. I made the decision to not blog until now because the in-laws don't have cable internet and let's be honest here, once you've had cable, you can't go back to dial up and not have a stress induced mental breakdown. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we will get it going around here. Until then, I'm sorry for the short (or non existent posts). I will be raring to go when all is said and done so check out some of the folks on the right over there and enjoy. I'll be back. I always come back.

T to the Wise