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Where's The Baby?

I usually get home from work around 1030 or so each night. When I come in, bless his heart, my husband is usually asleep on the couch and the 3yo is playing her Plants v Zombies You Tube videos on the laptop next to him. Sometimes we are blessed with the miracle of sleep and Celia will actually be in bed. We don't hold our breaths because we like this living thing we have going on. The older two usually fall asleep on the couches and that's a battle I don't fight. Kirk is the one who has to deal with them at bedtime so it's his call I say. When I'm home in the evening, I try to get at least one of them into their own bed. Doesn't work too often.


I get home from work tonight and count two kids asleep on the couch (oh, the husband too - it's a team effort, snoozing away to Chopped and Sweet Genius) and figure Celia is sleeping in her bed. I start cleaning then wonder if she's chilly so I go look in.

Can you find the baby? Honest to Pete, I could not f…

The Scream That Rounded Out Day 1 of 2013

I don't know if y'all heard a scream about 20 minutes ago but um, yeah, it was loud. I secretly left the house (secret from the kids) and met my brother in law to pick up my niece, Baby Girl. She hasn't stayed with us in quite some time and I was so excited to see her. When we got home, I wasn't sure if my three kids were asleep or not (it was right near bedtime). We came inside, oh so quietly. Baby Girl peeked into my room to see if Sophia was sleeping on my bed. She whispered back, "She's awake!" and I told her to say BOO! to Sophia. 
Oh the screams and giggles!! So much happiness and excitement! It was worth the temporary ringing in the ears. Even the husband, who's not feeling well, was all smiles. What an awesome way to end the first day of the new year.
The beginning? Oy, that was rough. I didn't go out, ha! Like I would've had the time. I worked until ten last night and was back to work at 7am. Yes, there are places open all night and d…