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What Will They Ask For Next?

The children asked me if they could have an email account last week. I thought about it and was going to say no because hello? They are 7 and almost 5. Then I thought some more and realized it wasn't a bad idea. The boy can practice his spelling and typing when writing to Oma and Papa and whomever else he deems worthy of a personal email. The girl can keep learning how to spell and improve her typing too. I even made one for the baby. Those should be interesting emails yes?

Today the 4 going on 14 girl asked when she was going to have her own blog. Yikes. So yes, I have sucker written on my forehead and all went up and made her a page. It's just a super basic one with rambling thoughts of a four year old. Lots of love and pink are involved, contain your shock.

Next thing you know, they're going to want a Facebook account. For as much as they've watched me farm on there (shush, it's relaxing and fun!) I'm surprised they haven't already asked. I have the emai…

An Email To The Husband

SO, I am pretty sure the redhead will be ok later on today. The croupy cough is still there but it's better than last night. There's still a fever but that should dissipate soon too. The baby on the other hand. She's still coughing up crap, more snot than I've seen in my lifetime to date and watery eyes that make me want to cry. She was gracious enough last night to let me sleep in the loveseat while holding her for 12-15minute intervals. Sweet huh? I know you wish you were up here partying it up with us wild and crazy girls. Next time honey, next time. 

oh hey, side note on the boy, he said he had a sub at school yesterday and his name is :::hunkers down and whispers excitedly just like our son::: Mr O'Brien! Apparently this man is all sorts of Awe to the Some. He also smells good. I am only reporting what the child told me this morning. He said he hoped that teacher was there again and hey Mom! He lookded strong too! Yes, lookded. I can't correct him. I don…

I'm Calling Bullshit On 2010 So Far

One of the downsides to being depressed and not feeling like yourself is that well, you don't feel like yourself. Oh sure, I still feel like a completely incompetent parental unit. That hasn't changed. I feel like I've changed though and I'm not sure it's for the better. Know what I mean?

Another one is that you can't write for shit. Seriously. I think I've started over a dozen posts and I get one paragraph in and I'm done. It blows. There's so much floating around in my head, besides the dust, and I wantneedhave to get it out.

I find myself getting lost in thoughts all the time. Staring off into who knows where. I have these headaches that come and go, almost debilitating. I feel like I'm outside of my body. My brain just takes a vacation sometimes and I'll be damned if I don't come back with a tan. Not one single time.

I laugh it off, the stupidity of it all. The forgetfulness, the space cadet thinking, oh don't worry, it's just m…

I Wish It Was Because He Kissed A Girl (And He Liked It)

My son was suspended from school today. My seven year old boy. Officially suspended from school for one day. I completely understand why they had to suspend him and yet? I felt like throwing up when the words hit my brain.

In full disclosure, I forgot to give him his medication this morning. I very rarely, if ever, forget to give him his meds before sending him to school. On the weekends? It's happened. But during the school week I make sure he has taken them because I'm sending him to other people. People who don't know who he is at home, people that don't know us as a family. I'm sending him to his peers. His peers that will judge him and will do it in front of him without trying to whisper because they are seven. That's how seven year olds roll. I get that. He doesn't.

He doesn't get that his classmates will label him as the troublemaker. The yeller. The fighter. The one who punched, kicked and pulled at his teacher, para professional and principal t…