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How Should I Go About This?

So ya'll know that I've fallen in love with my camera. Next to reality trashy tv, it's one of the best things invented. I've always loved taking pictures and lately, I've been wanting to start my own photography business.

How does one do that? I'm not being a smart ass either. I really want to take portraits and family photos for other people. Others in addition to my own family of course. I think they're getting tired of being Mama's focus.

I'm thinking about starting a website, getting some cards made to hand out to family and friends, that kind of stuff. Maybe they'll give the card to a friend and them to a friend, etc. I just don't know.

Help. Advice please. Thanks.

It's All Over Now (Alternatively Titled: Mandy, Don't Look Past The 3rd Photo)

Please use caution when looking at these photos. Really, at the end, it's not pretty but he wanted me to show the internet and who am I to deny my son this desire?
Dressed for the event

Daddy got to go back with him so he wasn't alone when he got gassed. Apparently, pregnant women tend to pass out and/or get emotional. True that.
I asked him to smile. I got angry eyes as a bonus gift. Yes!

He wanted to show this to ya'll. It looks worse than it is. No, it looks that bad. I can't lie.

He thinks this photo is funny because he looks like a goof. He also likes to show people the big window in his mouth.
I thought the whole thing was his tooth and panicked but no, it has the roots attached. The other one is his first tooth he lost a couple weeks ago.

Cancel This Morning Thank You

So about this morning and the oral surgeon? Yeah no, that didn't happen. Well, it happened but the tooth is still in the boy's mouth. He was not affected by the nitrous gas at all. I mean it did nothing for him. He was so paranoid, anxious and freaking out that the doctor didn't feel comfortable doing the procedure there. We get to take him to the children's hospital tomorrow morning at o' dark thirty to have the surgery done there. Yay, the fun continues into the weekend! Just want we wanted.

Also, for those wondering, he does get his anxiety from me. However, this boy of mine? He's asking for the tooth to come out. He wants the gas to work. He wants them to pull it. He has so much subconscious anxiety that he freaks out without really wanting to. It's odd and it's sad.

Hopefully tomorrow all will be good and he'll be tooth free. Fingers crossed.

I Need To Be In The Audience For John Edward To Help Me Out

What the hell? Seriously. Was I a wretched horrible person in a previous life? I must have done something bad cause this, this juju that I have today? It's bad. Let's recap....We spent 4 1/2 hours in the ER today with our son having an abscessed area in his little bitty mouth drained. Something that could have been done the day before but noooooooo, it wasn't.

Then, upon arriving back at my sister in law's place where our 3 yr old was, said 3 yr old tells me she has croup. She's knows what it is, she's had it 3 times in the last 18 months and informed that she indeed was afflicted with it. I told her she was crazy, she didn't have croup and I was not taking her to the ER, I had seen enough of it not even an hour before.

On a side note here, we went to the ER at 3pm so we hadn't eaten the dinner yet. Fluffy made a couple plates for us for when we got back. Oh yeah, we got back at almost 8pm. The food was delicious though, outstanding job on your first bird…

I'm Going To Try This Out And See How It Goes

I'm thankful that my son is not in pain at the moment. I'm thankful that my daughter's croup cough went away before we got home.I'm thankful for the nice 35 degree weather that helped her with said cough.I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has been through hell and back several times these last few months with hospitals and illnesses. I'm thankful for my in-laws for always being there for us.I'm thankful for my sister-in-law for being a rock when we need help.I'm thankful for my friends who know I love them and miss them even though they never hear from me because I'm horrible at emailing people back even though I'm on the computer wasting time reading the news and other important stuff all day long.I'm thankful for my readers. There's aren't many of you but dammit, I love you all. Ok I got the obligatory out of the way. Here's something different.....
I'm not thankful for the dentist who could have had me hold him down …

DId I Piss Off Murphy?

Murphy's Law sucks and I probably did just piss good ol' Murph off. Oh well.
The boy woke me up at 1am with a swollen inner lip under his nose. He was crying. I was horrified at what I was seeing. My MIL was awake and we talked about it and decided that we'll wait until the morning and if it's still swollen (after ibuprofen) I'll take him in. Thank goodness the clinic had ONE opening. I took it.

I sent him to school because, shockingly, he wanted to go. They called me an hour later and asked if I could come get him. He was laying under a blanket in the learning center and didn't want to talk to anyone or do anything. He was lethargic. It wasn't him.
I took him in to the pediatrician and she thought it was an abscessed tooth. Ut-oh. The kids aren't on our dental until Jan 1st. Shit, damn, hell. What now? She wanted him seen by a dentist today or Friday. Well, there goes a couple grand. Fudgescicles. We finally found a place that could see him today and she …

They Should Be Thankful I Like My Job

The customers at my store that is. Seriously people? What is it about the holiday season that makes the asshats and douches think only their lives are chaotic and in complete disarray? I didn't get the memo that I must have a perfect, stress free week. I'll have to fire my assistant. Oh wait, I need one of those before I can fire them. Damn.

I get to work tomorrow, into the evening, and there are two customers I am just waiting to hear from. Customer One: The lady who sees every single register is lit up, has a cashier and is functioning. She's the one who will come to the service desk and ask if we can call someone up to help cashier. Last year when a lady asked me that I looked at her and asked her, nicely of course, what register I should put that cashier on. She looked around and said she didn't know but it was ridiculous that the lines were so long. Another memo missed. Clearly, she was the only one allowed to shop the day before T-Day. Not one other soul was permi…

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? I Can.

My son has turned into quite the Casanova lately. He's kissing all the girls in the house. His cousin and sister aren't too sure what to make of it. When he first started this a couple weeks ago, they would freak out and tell him to stop. We've explained to them that the Monkey loves them and he's just now getting around to showing them.

The baby on the other hand, that girl loves when her cousin kisses her. She smiles and squeals, revels in the attention. This is the same pairing that never would have happened pre-tooth loss. He loves that little one so much. Hopefully she isn't his newest obsession. These obsessions of his can last anywhere from a couple months to a couple years. We have enough Spiderman merchandise to prove the latter of those time frames.

He declared in the store tonight that he wanted to marry me and really? how sweet is that? The customers that were nearby all awww'd and how sweet'd. Oh sure, they thought it was cute but I had to break …

Looks Like I've Made It

I seem to have survived my first day back to work. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I think my feet are going to be yelling at me. Everyone seemed to be happy that I was back. I know most of them were sincere. I missed them too. I just felt weird that so many people were saying welcome back or so glad you're back or we missed you. I got embarrassed a few times. Not when my customers told me that though. I don't know why. I got to see a few regulars today. I'm sure on Turkey Day Eve I'll see the rest of them.

I'm exhausted from the 7 1/2 hours on my feet. I'm going to bed. I need to get as much sleep as I can before Peanut comes in and hogs the bed. It's great that she wants to sleep with me (well not really but you know what I mean) but how a 3 1/2 yr old can take up so much space is beyond me. Wait 'til the blessed, glorious pillow gets here. She'll be pinned to the wall. Bwahaha. I mean, she won't have all that arm spreading room.

Damn those …

Am I The Only One?

Is it wrong that I have no desire to "watch a movie" with the husand? (Sorry SIL Fluffy, I know this is the last thing you want to be reading about) I just haven't had the libido since the mono and CMV scare.

I feel bad for him though. I want him to be happy and I do enjoy the movies but lately, I haven't been in the mood. What should I do? Do you guys have any suggestions?

Question Time

Did any of ya'll moms use a body pillow or pregnancy pillow during the baby baking time? I'm certainly not complaining because I'm thankful to be pregnant again. Wait, no, I am complaining.

I am so fricking tired people. Really tired. I know you get tired during pregnancy but I'm in the 2nd trimester and it's all the time. I get maybe 4 hours of sleep at night because I wake up 4 or 5 times. When I wake up, I can't get back to sleep for at least 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it's a couple hours. It blows.
I broke down (ha! broke down, as if it pained me) and got a pregnancy pillow. It's the same fancy one below. It was on sale - bonus! - and it can be used as a pillow and boppy for those late night screamfests feedings. It shipped yesterday and I'm hoping and praying that the US Postal Service comes through in the pinch for me. I probably won't get it until after Thanksgiving which will suck because I'll really need it Thursday night. So, did ya…


The boy just showed me his pretzel that he was eating. I asked what was on top of it. It was a chewed up pretzel. I asked why.

"Because I needed dip!!"----------------------------------------"Mommy, you're kooky!""I know I am, where do you think you got it from?""Chicago!"

Family Movie Night Review

Every Wednesday*, we have Family Movie Night at Casa de la Crazy. My husband, the boy, the girl, the baby girl and my mother in law and myself all settle in to watch a movie. Tonight we had Fluffy and the baby join us. We have popcorn, soda (ooh! pop after 7pm - shame shame - wtf) and even candy. The kids totally get into the idea of movie night and get so excited. They almost lost their minds when I told them on Monday what we would be watching. As an aside, yes I told them on Monday because then I can use it as a bribing bargaining tool. We were going to watch Wall-E ::cover your ears please:: The excitement!! The screeches!!! The YAYS!!! I LOVE WALL-E!!! Can we watch it now? Now?? NOW?!?!?! PLEASE? I LOVE WALL-E! He's so cute! ::ahem:: Right then, so.....
I would like to say the movie was a hit with my kids but I wouldn't know if that was the truth or not. My children fell asleep during the movie. The boy was out about 30 minutes in. The girl was distracted by her dollies a…

This Boy Of Mine, He Cracks Me Up

He's losing his voice right now due to a cold or him not ever shutting up. He told me today that when he loses his voice, he'll be getting a new one and then he'll be a grownup. I told him that's called puberty and, God willing, we have a few more years before that happens. He laughed and said that I was right.

He also informed me that the scratch above his butt crack itched and it hurt his crack if he itched it.

I'm telling you, he's an endlessly funny child.

I'm Useless Today

Yesterday must have really worn me out. I can barely keep my eyes open today.

I got two phone calls from the boy's school today. The first was from the principal letting me know that she had to call the police liaison officers into her office today to have a chat with my son. My almost 6 year old son. He was being very aggressive in class and ended up screaming at the teachers that he hated them and school was stupid. If it was anything like I've experienced, it was ugly. He wasn't intimidated by the officer at all. That makes me scared for a few years from now.

The other call was from his case manager and she filled me in on some other events that have taken place. I just don't get the school sometimes. They want to keep us informed and hello? that's what we want too. However, I'm always getting notices for school events a week or two after the fact. His folder never comes home when it's supposed to. Sometimes I wonder if he even belongs there.

We have a conf…

It's Been A Long Day And I Can't Type

The girls being so damn cute and the Monkers getting in on the "action"

Fluffy working her magic on the kids.

This is the same boy who, pretooth loss, wanted nothing to do with the Monkers. My how times have changed in the last week.

A Pet Peeve

Parents who leave their child(ren) in a vehicle that is running to go into a store to pick something up. I went to my store this afternoon to get some things and as I was leaving, walking to the van, I see another van parked on the sidewalk by the Pharmacy entrance. I heard the van running, it was unlocked and then I saw the infant in the backseat. I commented to my friend that I hope there's an adult in there with that baby. No, it was a toddler. Two babies in a running vehicle.

Tell me I overreacted, I don't care. I called 9-1-1. It wasn't 10 below zero and for shit's sake, you're going into a grocery store lady! Who knows how long the lines will be. Take your kids in with you! I could have screamed. By the time I gave the operator her license plate info, the mom came out and got in the van like it was nothing.

I'm a hypocrite, I'll admit it. I leave my kids in the van when I go into the post office to get mail out of the box. I turn the van off and lock th…

What's A Mom To Do?

So it's Friday night. The husband doesn't feel too good right now. He's watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the CN. He's bundled under his Vikings blanket that his wife so lovingly made for him. I think he feels like a Mac truck hit him. Poor fella.

The boy is playing Gameboy and watching the show. He's easily entertained these days. Whew.

The girl is sitting next to her daddy watching Batman and declaring her love for him. In this particular episode, our fearless hero has a sidekick named Blue Beetle. The girl has proclaimed his name to be "so beautiful and sweet". That would be said in the most breathtaking, love filled voice you've ever heard.

To recap, the husband is almost asleep, the boy is entertained and the girl is happy.

What should Mama do? I can't really go to sleep, not until the urchins are down that is. Should I read a book? I only have about 34 laying around that I haven't even cracked open. Should I watch Batman? Should I g…

Um Wow I'm An Idiot

Just as an FYI to any parents out there who are graciously given a Gameboy Advance with two games and who happen to also have 6 regular Gameboy games:

The regular games fit in the Advance. AND? they play in color and not the black and gray like the OG Gameboy.

Information that I certainly could have used before dropping money on a Gameboy and having an aunt and unlce send one out to us. How did we come about this slightly vital bit of information? The boy shoved a game in the Advance and turned it on thinking that he would break it and get in trouble (he likes to do things that he thinks he'll get in trouble for. It's the ODD, he likes the negative attention, drives me nuts). Lo and behold, the game worked and he lost his ever lovin' mind.

Learn something new everyday people, just learn.

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Barring any mishaps in the HR department, I get to go back to work in a couple weeks. I can't wait. I'm one of those weirdos who really likes my job. I love my customers (well, most of them) and I like a good portion of the people that I work with.

My doc asked me today if I was sure that I felt up to going back to work. I said that I am positive. I told her that I did two visits to Costco and didn't feel like collapsing or passing out when I was done. She said that would be a good indicator.

I've learned that mono can really kick your ass, especially when you're pregnant. I've also discovered that one can never get too much sleep. It's just not possible and believe me, I've tried.

Also, I've been telling everyone that asks about my ER visits for the migraines: Don't let them give you dilaudid unless you don't feel like pooping for the next 3 weeks. I'm just saying.

Thank You

To my father, my father in law, other family members, dear friends and those near and dear to us who gave the ultimate sacrifice. To the families of fallen soldiers. To the sons, daughters, wives and husbands. Thank you.

Thank you for your service to this great country of ours.

Thank you for defending our land, our safety and our people.

Thank you for defending the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

Even though we may not agree on this war, the Vietnam war or any war, we all should agree that these men, women and yes, even children deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Thank you Squids, Jarheads, Grunts, Flyboys and Puddle Pirates*. Be proud and know that this military brat supports you in all that you do.

*Puddle Pirates was the only clean nickname I have for the Coast Guard. Sorry guys.

Well Now He's Gone And Done It

He done up and lost his tooth last night. It happened whilst he was munching on an Oreo. I thought he was eating some grapes that had seeds in them (that's what they were eating earlier) and he came to me holding his hand out. I told him to spit the seed in the bowl on the table and he said it was his tooth. I essentially called him a liar and then he proved me wrong. I cleaned it up, put it in a Ziploc bag and he promptly lost the tooth upstairs. He was showing his sister and cousin. Lost it on the cream colored carpet. His first baby tooth. The husband spent a good ten-fifteen minutes on his hands and knees looking for it, to no avail. I went up and spent 45 seconds feeling the carpet and came up with it. Don't ask, I still don't know. So yeah, my baby is well on his way to being a big boy. Someone hold me.

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up

I think there are defining moments when you know your children are growing up far too quickly before your eyes. We have gone through two of those experiences in the last 24 hours.

Today the girl and I went to the best store on the planet to get some shoes and undies for the boy. He was being rambunctious so I took the screecher. Who the heck prices kids shoes? Can you take your head out of your butt please and realize that kids outgrow their shoes in no time? Thanks, much appreciated. I was not going to shell out $22 for shoes. I found Optimus Prime ones for $13 and prayed the boy would like them. (He did, then he didn't but now he does.) We moved on to the undies and again, I wasn't going to pay $6 for 2 pairs of character undies for him. No thanks. I broke down and got regular underwear for my boy. Regular solid color briefs that match his daddy's undies. Please don't tell the husband that I called his manly underwear undies. The boy's undies that is. There was th…

Thank Goodness The Kids Were With Us

I usually wouldn't utter that phrase in regards to being in a store with the children but tonight, it fits. We joined one of those warehouse stores near our place last week and, along with my wicked awesome mother in law, we traipsed out there to check it out. We were there for 2 1/2 hours. It was fun. Until that last 10 minutes.

Side note...When the husband and I went there to sign up, it was the day of our 5 hour long doctor's appt downtown. I hadn't eaten anything at all and was feeling and looking like crap. We go to the store specifically to use the pharmacy (in case it was cheaper than my store - it wasn't) and then decided, what the hell. Sign us up. $50 later and we're getting our photos taken. Wait. What? Photos? No one told me my picture was going to be taken. No no no. This won't do. My face hasn't been washed. My hair. Oh dear Lord. My hair. I did hear the husband ask the kid taking the photo if they had a salon I could use before I stepped in fr…

It's An Addiction That I Can't Seem To Break

I think it's pretty well known in my circle of family and friends that I love to take pictures. I think that's also an understatement of epic proportions. My problem isn't the quantity of photos (though that's up for debate to some people). I think know that I'm shamelessly addicted to photo programs.

I have Picasa, Flickr, Kodak, some Adobe Photoshop one that's not the super cool much too expensive one that I would love to have someday when I win the lotto, the Nikon program that came with my wicked awesome camera and who knows how many other programs that are lost in here somewhere.

I like elements from all of them. I like the special effects you can do with the edging on the Adobe program, I like that way the Nikon program organizes the photos and the new version of the Kodak software looks pretty cool too. I'll have to try that out tomorrow.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on a photo program and believe me, I know that limits me to the "not s…

Just Wondering

My armpit hurts a little when I press on a certain spot. I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps it's milk ducts filling?

I slept for 8.5 hours last night and took a 2 hour nap this morning. I'm getting ready to lay down again. Is it the pregnancy or CMV?

I can't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Even in the middle of the night. I'm not liking this. At all.

Just how long does it take to get over this shit? Good golly Miss Molly. I am one tired girl.

One Of Those Moms

I've turned into one of them. One of those moms that spouted off saying her kid was never going to play video games until he was at least 11 or 12. I mean XBox or the PS. Oh how I regret those words. This kid would play the Wii or Gameboy all day if I let him. I think that's the key though. We don't let him. The time that he spends on the games is limited (as best we can with an ODD kid) and he only plays kid friendly ones. He knows that T games are a no no and that he can only play E games. He isn't even tempted to try the T games. It's one of the blessings that come with Aspergers. He picks up on certain rules and will follow them to the letter and call YOU out if you break said rule.

The thing is though, I don't feel too bad about him playing the games. It keeps him occupied and more importantly, it keeps him quiet. Yeah, yeah, sounds like it's a babysitter. That's not how we see it. He's learning patience, practice, hand-eye coordination, sharing…

She's Too Damn Smart For Preschool Anyway

At least this year she is.*

We took Peanut out of preschool for the rest of the year. We did this the day after I was released from the hospital. We did it for several reasons. Mainly it was the money. We just bought the minivan a couple weeks earlier and then I end up in the hospital for a week plus the two ER visits a few days before that. I'm sure our bill there will be more than the minivan.

The other reason, the more important one I think, is that she had no connection to her teacher. To be honest, it really was the teacher not having a connection with any of the kids or parents that I could see. I realize she isn't my son's preschool teacher from last year (a saint in our family) but this teacher is the polar opposite. I never heard singing or fun being had when I would go to pick up the Peanut. The teacher wouldn't really talk to the parents about the child's day. The teaching assistant was fabulous and wanted to do more things with the kids and the teacher wa…

Look, It's F'ing Mario

I am so sick and tired of Mario and Luigi. I know they are just characters but oh. my. god.

Because of the boy's Aspergers, he develops obsessions. And when I say obsession, I do not lie. We have about 50 things that have Spiderman on them. Not little rinky dink things like action figures. I mean a little kids cushiony chair, 4 blankets, video games, you name it, we have it.

Then it turned to Ben 10. He has a couple of the watches, a ton of aliens that glow on the one watch. I've decided to ignore the toy aisle that has that stuff on it. We thought we were going to have this one for awhile but no.

The boy has been playing Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Wii for months. He's seen the tv show. He's known about them for quite sometime now. All of a sudden he decided he loves Mario. He hums the song. Plays the game online. On the Wii. He dresses as Mario. I'll get a picture soon. Ben 10 has lost his spot in the boy's heart. It's really rather sad …

No More Hospitals Please. Thanks.

You know how sometimes things happen and really, you didn't plan for them to go down the way they did? That's how I feel about October. Wow, did that month blow. Here's a short novel quick lowdown for ya:

Sept 19th - Went to LaCrosse. Had a great time with G and her family. Got to hang out some with my mom and aunt who were in town for the weekend. Sept 20th - Killer migraine. Good times.Sept 21st - Came homeSept 23rd - Went to ER for migraineSept 24th - Went to ER for "it never went away or down really but they didn't want to keep treating me" migraineSept 26th - Began fever of 103.8Sept 29th - Saw doc for fever and gagging issues Sept 30th - Saw Ear, Nose, Throat doc for said gagging issues, was sent and admitted to hospitalOct 5th - Released from hospital Oct 6th - Took the Peanut out of preschool until next yearOct 7th - Went to my parents' place in Wisc with the girl to recover (bwahaha recover)Oct 18th - Came homeOct 31st - Saw Perinatologist and Gen…