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What's A Mom To Do?

So it's Friday night. The husband doesn't feel too good right now. He's watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the CN. He's bundled under his Vikings blanket that his wife so lovingly made for him. I think he feels like a Mac truck hit him. Poor fella.

The boy is playing Gameboy and watching the show. He's easily entertained these days. Whew.

The girl is sitting next to her daddy watching Batman and declaring her love for him. In this particular episode, our fearless hero has a sidekick named Blue Beetle. The girl has proclaimed his name to be "so beautiful and sweet". That would be said in the most breathtaking, love filled voice you've ever heard.

To recap, the husband is almost asleep, the boy is entertained and the girl is happy.

What should Mama do? I can't really go to sleep, not until the urchins are down that is. Should I read a book? I only have about 34 laying around that I haven't even cracked open. Should I watch Batman? Should I grab one of the other Gameboys and join in the fun. And believe me, it must be fun because my boy is so giddy with pride when he beats a level. I want to feel like that again.

Maybe I'll just sit here and watch my family sitting together and marvel at the vision. Man, I love this Mama and wife stuff. I'm so blessed.

Update: Sent the husband to bed at 720 and the kids and I settled in to watch SharkBoy and LavaGirl. I snuggled with my boy until his 60lbs sufficiently cut off circulation that my legs badly needed. I should go to bed but damn this book is good.


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