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Ladies Man

The evil mecca known as Target called out to me again tonight. Actually, it called out to my husband, shockingly, and off we went. The mission was to buy Monkey Boy some new shorts and shirts and maybe some pants. He's only 3 and wears size 5T stuff. He wears stuff that my 7 1/2 yr old nephew outgrew last year. He's a big boy that kid of mine. Shirts and shorts at $4 each? Done. Mickey Mouse jumper with shirt for $6something? Done. Whilst I was purusing the clearance racks (oh how I love those!) I heard the boy say "I need to go say hi Daddy" then they disappeared. I finally found them down by the furniture and the poor child was crying. Tears, crying. "I just want to say hi to them Daddy!" There were 3 girls running around being loud and obnoxious as some 13-15 yr olds can be I suppose. (I don't recall ever running around a store screaming like they were and I know it's not my selective memory. That's about other stuff that we won't go into…

Thank You Mechanics For Striking

I don't know what beef ya'll had, sorry, I really don't care. What I do care about are the following facts:

My husband loves his car.
My daughter loves her naps.
My son loves NOT taking naps.

All of these have been thrown up in the air and tossed about making my life miserable. So again, thanks guys =0) Hope you get what you want (really, I do, I'm just on my period, depressed and broke. And apparantly really in the mood to share waaaay too much info. Sorry.)

SO. We took the car in on Monday and just got it back today. The husband called this morning, it'll be ready by noon. Called at noon, it'll be ready in the hour. Called at 130, we'll call you when it's done. Holy shit! It's ready? You're kidding me! Ok let's go. Wait no, Peanut is sleeping. Ok, wake her up, cringe, oh we're happy? Bonus. Grab juices and supply toys. Fight nausea the whole way there. Briefly wonder if the impossible has happened. Clearly not the case since that whole peri…

Whatchoo Talkin' Bout?

Get Your Motor Running

Something fabulous happened this week. Glorious even. Spectacular. Heaven Sent. (ok that one may be stretching it a bit). I am no longer a stay at home mom with the potential to go crazy because I can't get out of the house with the kids until the husband comes home from work and that could be 1pm or 6pm, it's a crapshoot.

My husband has to drive all over the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas to see his customers for work. We have a gas guzzling Explorer that I love (minus the whole gas guzzling part of course). He's put a couple thousand (maybe three or four) on that thing since starting his job in Nov. I was griping to my therapist about how I feel trapped at home. I'm not me anymore. I don't know what I like anymore if it doesn't involve one of the kids. I hated that this was happening. Wow, I sure do go on tangents. (My ex once told me that he has to run mentally to keep up with me conversationally. So true) Last week, we up and got ourselves this bad b…

Some Funnies That I Stole

It's That Time of The Year Again

I know that most of my 5 or 6 readers have children. I know that you love your kids more than life itself (even on those bad days when you want to sell them to the highest bidder - that can't be just me that wants to do that sometimes). April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. I know I've told the story on here about my son's namesake. I cannot stress enough how important it is for all of us to be aware. If you think something is wrong, go with your guy feeling. A mother's intuition is there for a reason. All children need to be loved and need to know that they are safe. Donovan (on the left) would be 15 this year. FIFTEEN. His precious life was cut short by a horrible monster. Please don't let this happen to another child. If you feel that you may hurt your child/children, please speak to someone! Some employees offer a confidential help line that you can call if you just need to talk to someone. A therapist can do wonders and it's not as weird as you m…


The Reverse Mullet

Blue hair? It's supposed to be blonde/brown. Oh well, off it comes!

"Oh Daddy! Look at all my hair!! Berry messy!"

My Little Marine


A Mother and her very young son were flying Southwest Airlines from
Kansas City to Chicago. The little boy (who had been looking out the
window) turned to his mother and asked, "If big dogs have baby dogs,
and big cats have baby cats, why don't big airplanes have baby
airplanes?" The mother (who couldn't think of an answer) told
her son to ask the
flight attendant. So the boy went down the aisle and asked the
stewardess. The flight attendant, who was very busy at the time, smiled
and said, "Did your Mom tell you to ask me?" The boy said, "yes
she did." "Well, then, you go and tell your mother that there are no baby
airplanes because Southwest always pulls out on time. Have your
Mom explain that to you."

The New Me

I absolutely hate having my picture taken. Can't stand it. I try to avoid it at all costs. However, if my kids are in the photo, I figure there's enough of a distraction and people won't look at me. Ha! The kids aren't even looking towards Gima as she takes it but we still think it's cute.

I chickened out on the short cut. I agree with the Queen of Spain in her comment below. I had this feeling I would regret the short hair with bangs. When my stylist (sounds so Hollywood - BAH!) said that the short cut would require some work everyday, I think I breathed an audible sigh of relief. That was my clincher there! Maybe some day I will go that short but for now, this will do. I'm a happy mom with a cool mom haircut.

Me: Monkey Boy, do you see Mama's hair?
Monkey Boy: Whoah! Mama! You got haircut!!
Me: Is it pretty?
Monkey Boy: Oh yes Mommy, berry pretty.

All is good in the world because of that!