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I Don't Even Know Where To Begin.....

I catch enough grief about my team and this certainly does not bode well for me. I'm so pissed about this whole situation and to be honest, I don't know why. I have no personal interest in how they play, if they make the playoffs or, miracle of all miracles, they win the Superbowl. Sure I'd like to see that happen but I have no personal gain in it. So why do I care? I can't stand Jerry Jones. The man has an ego that can rival some Hollywood stars out there. T.O.? I just don't know what to say. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but it's kinda hard when he does shit like this. Maybe it was an accident, maybe he was trying to off himself, we may never know. I do know this: if it was suicide on his mind, that would piss me off even more. I had a friend that killed himself years ago and to be honest, it pissed me off. I understand the desperation, ask my doctor. I understand the helpless feelings, ask my therapist. I don't understand how people think t…

This, That and The Other Part Uno

Funny post over at Dooce today. Her daughter cracks me up.

Why do I want to buy this? Well, I know why but how do I think we're going to buy this? Did you see how the WANT part is all me and the how to buy is all WE? Yeah.

I had to hurdle the couch/sofa/davenport this afternoon because Spongebob was coming on and Peanut was napping. Just as my finger hit the mute button, she awoke from her coma like state and declared "BOB BOB!! MOMMY!! BOB BOB!!". Damn pineapples under the sea. Being all appealing and shit.

I flip back and forth between pure bliss and pure guilt for enjoying my Monkey Boy free day. My MIL takes him a couple days a week so he can play with his cousin and I can get some peace. Again, I feel guilt. And bliss*. Guilty bliss. I can live with that.

I've been liking work so much more these last few weeks. I'm not sure why, we still have snooty, stuck up rich people who would rather send their maids in to shop than have their Manolo Blahniks touch our floor…

I'm Self Depricating All The Time

If anyone can make fun of me, it's me. At the risk of people laughing at me, I am hoping all of you enjoy our rainy day afternoon fun. And believe me, I'm laughing with you even though you're laughing at me.

Now excuse me while I go change my underwear and the boy's underwear 'cause we have been laughing so hard, I think we peed ourselves. We are sharing people if nothing else.

Side Note: He looked at me just now and asked me to get his hand out. It was in his underwear cupping his right butt cheek.

White and Nerdy Is What I Am

That's how I felt in high school in N. Chicago. Even though I hung out with all the stoners and metalheads I still felt uber nerdy. Fun times. I have always loved parodies of songs and no one does it better than Weird Al. Thanks to Sean for pointing out this new one to me. I still need to figure out what the hell the original song is about, Riding Dirty. Is he rapping about sex without a condom? Not showering? What the hell? (ok I just looked it up and yeah, I wish I hadn't)

So I don't think my medication is doing the job it's required to. Perhaps it needs to be upped? I've never been on anti depressants before so what the hell do I know? I do know that my insomnia is getting out of control. I can't function on 3 or 4 hours of sleep like back in the day. I have meds that are supposed to help with that too but they don't. I still lay there for hours. I take the happy ones in the morning and the sleepy ones at night and nothing. Blah.

That's all I have righ…

Say What?

So sick. Sore throat. Migraine. Can't sleep.

Things said in my house the last few days (I was just going to post them Sarah, GSS, then I saw your post about the shopping trip with the kids LOL). Anywhoo.....

"Is it just me or does this shampoo smell like farts? I don't remember it smelling like ass. Great now my hair's gonna smell like one of Peanut's diapers." - Me (my loving, sharing husband dropped ass in the misty, humid bathroom and I'd like to say thanks)

"Stop touching my butt please!" - Me to the 3 1/2 yr old Monkey Boy who was playing in the shower while I washed my hair. He also tried to fill his cup with water that was coming down my back and off my butt. He was giggling as he was "catching the water from your booty Mommy". I have a booty ya know.

"I hear toothpaste" - Monkey Boy (they have a toothpaste dispenser that plays music for the allotted amount of time they are to brush - it was 3am and he was asleep when he …

Ladies and Gentleman, I've Left The Building

Ok well I've only left the building until Monday evening. The Captain took Monkey Boy up north with Papa for camping. Auntie Fluffy and Uncle Kota are going as well as Uncle PJ and his crew. I think Monkey Boy will have a great time. When asked this week about camping, his priorities were as follows: Seeing Papa Merlin (his great grampa), marshmallows on sticks and crayons in his backpack. He has a sticky plan I think. I sent good luck wishes to the Captain as I sped, err, drove away slowly. I miss them already.

Peanut and I made the drive out to Wausau to see my parents for the weekend. She was so damn good in the car that I had to check on her a couple times and make sure she was still alive and breathing. Spongebob (aka BobBob) was THAT interesting. The only sound she made the first 2 hours was a loud GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARY when she saw him on the dvd player.

Hopefully I will have some downtime this weekend to blog some. I have some FABulous customers as usual, Monkey Boy le…