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This, That and The Other Part Uno

Funny post over at Dooce today. Her daughter cracks me up.

Why do I want to buy this? Well, I know why but how do I think we're going to buy this? Did you see how the WANT part is all me and the how to buy is all WE? Yeah.

I had to hurdle the couch/sofa/davenport this afternoon because Spongebob was coming on and Peanut was napping. Just as my finger hit the mute button, she awoke from her coma like state and declared "BOB BOB!! MOMMY!! BOB BOB!!". Damn pineapples under the sea. Being all appealing and shit.

I flip back and forth between pure bliss and pure guilt for enjoying my Monkey Boy free day. My MIL takes him a couple days a week so he can play with his cousin and I can get some peace. Again, I feel guilt. And bliss*. Guilty bliss. I can live with that.

I've been liking work so much more these last few weeks. I'm not sure why, we still have snooty, stuck up rich people who would rather send their maids in to shop than have their Manolo Blahniks touch our floors or their Coach or Louis touch my counter. I think it's because we've gotten a good batch of new people. People we can mold into our corporate ways of thinking. People I can get to do my minion like jobs. No, I kid. There's no nolding going on. We look for premolded to our likes. There's one new girl that I love, she's friendly, outgoing, funny, you can tell when she's in a bad mood and not be offended at her not talking to you (coming from someone that needs people to like her all the time, THAT right there, not being offended at her NOT talking to me is HUGE!). Bottom line: she does her job well and she rocks. Two others are gone for whatever reasons. One that's left though needs to be gone soon. If I have to work with her, one of us will be crying, a plastic fork will be involved as well as our clean team crew. Bitter? Party of one? Bitter?

I passed a sting operation at work for booze. Got $50. Spent it on Stouffer's dinners for myself the last couple weeks since I've been working the Schedule From Hell. I actually was planning on blowing it on ridiculous stuff like magazines but then I decided to use it for groceries too. Wait, no, no I didn't. Ha! That thought never crossed my mind. I bought the Vanity Fair with Suri in it. Cute kid. Got the People on Steve Irwin. So sad. Right, ok, moving along....

I don't know when I'll get to my top 30. I can tell you right now that it will include an obnoxious amount of 80's pop metal. You have been warned.

*I don't know what that book is about but it's intriguing me now. I must go look it up. Thanks internet!


Les Becker said…
Well, damn! If you didn't just slam me back into retail. Again. Oddly, I'm almost notalgic about it, and I've only been out of it for five months. Stop it. I was enjoying my freedom there for awhile!

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