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My Cup Runneth Over

Probably the best picture of me taken in a long time and that's not saying much. I just woke up from a nap about 10 minutes before the husband took this. Sophia was crying, he couldn't get her to stop so I woke up and took her. She settled down right away for Mamma. Then Donovan had to get in on the action.

We went on our store outing today (I take Donovan to my work a lot so that he and I get time together and he loves the girls). He was burping on command for Jonel. He dropped my soda and I forgot so it spilled over when I took a drink. Donovan looked down and said, "Sh*t".

Off to Boot Camp For a Shocking Time

My son's summer hairdo. No more sweaty itchy hair when he wakes up from a nap. If he's not going to let me mohawk him then he shall have no hair at all. Thank god this time he doesn't look like he just got done with 6 months of chemo.

At the farm today, Donovan was introduced to electric fences. After getting the milk loaded in the car, he and Kirk go see the animals. He loves the cows and loves to feed the baby ones. Well today he wanted to feed the big cow. He walked up to the fence with no fear of the animal and put his hand through. Zap! He shivered then held his armpit, looked at his dad and just stated, "Owie". That was it. Now before anyone thinks he was in grave danger, Kirk had touched the fence a couple times before this trip to see if it was wired and it's not a huge shock. More of a static shock, maybe a touch more. I don't know that Donovan will go feed the big cows anymore.

Happy Birthday To Me

I thought I wouldn't be happy about this birthday but I kind of am. I don't know why. 32 is such an odd number. Not a big one like 21 or 40 but I don't know, I like it. My mom's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be 58. My mother in law just turned 50. Kirk's birthday is coming up next month as is our anniversary and Father's Day. Boy, I should own stock in Hallmark by now.

I tried to get Donovan to lay down for a nap today and he was yelling no no no even though he was yawning. I asked him what was wrong. I just about fell off the couch because he actually told me. He said, "Eat. Hungry. Pea Butter. Jelly." I was very impressed. He's never put more than 2 words together. So off we went to make sammiches. He really likes them and ate 'em up quick. As soon as Jay Jay the Jetplane comes on, he knows to lay down. That's nap time.

10 minutes and counting till Jay Jay so I'm out.

To and a Fro

Good Golly Miss Molly! That's some hair right thair folks.

I totally did NOT see the ending to NCIS happen the way it did. I actually cried. I cried when Nicky almost died on CSI as well. I didn't cry when Carter left though.

Rob and Amber anyone? I'm sorry but I love the guy. I think he would be an absolute riot to hang out with. He was so funny when talking about Colin Cowie (who I think is a great wedding planner but gospel choir? A little much sir Colin). The best was when Rob said, "I don't think Colin and I would be ordering drinks at the same bar in Boston. If you know what I mean". I love when he adds that to the end. I hope this lasts. They seem to really love each other and I'm a sucker for reality show romances. Note I said reality show romances. Not the Bachelor or Bachelorette thank you very much. I mean Coral and Abe (you know they got together), well pretty much any romance on The Real World or Road Rules or even BETTER....the Challenges (Inf…

Sounds of Silence

My baby girl. Sound asleep and SUCKING HER THUMB. Donovan wasn't a thumb sucker. Donovan was also a snuggler, loved for you to hold him and be lovey dovey smoochy with him. His sister? Oh no, she's on the move. Likes to see the action. There's something on tv? I must turn and look - nevermind that I was JUST screaming for a bottle and have to crane my neck to see the show thus pulling the once almighty bottle from my mouth. No, it's ok, I wanna see. That's my girl.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.....

I never thought I would be into Star Wars. I'm not really a sci-fi kinda chick but I must say, I like the first three episodes (and I mean the true first three, not ESB and ROTJ). My husband likes all of them. We saw the Ep 3 tonight and I thought it was ok. I just sat here for a couple minutes trying to think of another thing to say about it but I can't. It was ok. Ask my husband and another answer you shall receive.

I got a picture of Moe Doodlebop without makeup on (thanks Tami!). He's cute but not what I expected. I will sleep better at night knowing what he looks like under all that orange and red. Now I have to see the other two.

Why oh why are there no rummage sales on Sunday? Don't gimme that church and sabbath crap (I am NOT saying church and the sabbath are crap - that as an excuse is though). Perhaps I can find some and get more clothes for the kidlets. Donovan needs stuff in a bad way. Shorts, tees, pants.

I am outta here. The couch is calling me to sleep. …

Oh the horror!

If there is a living soul out there who has ANYTHING by the Doodlebops in mp3 or video format, please be a dear and let me know. I made the horrendous mistake of locating a Doodlebop screensaver AND installing it. The child stands in front of the computer desk now and watches the pictures go by then FREAKS out when the power saver kicks in and turns the monitor off. For the love of God, someone save me. (Yes, I've done a search online and no, there's nothing out there right now. Supposedly a CD is coming out this month but no one seems to know what the hell I'm talking about when I call and ask about it)

Sophia has been trying to eat her left hand lately. She doesn't care much for the right one but by golly, that left one is gonna fit in her mouth and keep her happy. She gnaws on it and when it isn' t shushing her up, it's usually dripping drool on me (of course). Yeah. I share too much. Oh well.

My mother is coming tomorrow with my aunt. I have been telling Dono…

Danger Will Robinson! DANGER!!

Somehow this is disturbing.

Notice to all parents who watch America's Funniest Home Videos in front of their 2 1/2 yr olds: You may want to watch the episode first so as to be warned on potential idea planting that may occur. Case in point:

Video #1 - Little boy picks booger out of nose. Looks for disposal area. Locates one. On his infant sister's head. I believe Sophia now has a new hair care product. My son was quoted as saying "Boogie. Phia" Poor girl.

Video #2 - Titled "31 Burps in 30 Seconds" That alone should have sent me diving for the lost remote but alas, I love to bring trouble upon myself. 90% of the burps were from children which sent me into convulsions of laughter and made my son think this was a good thing. This video had him belching for about 21 minutes.

I'm thinking of finding a geneticist and getting my DNA tested. I'm pretty sure that's what causes him to prove there was no switch at the hospital. He's definately mine.