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Yep, things are normal 'round here.  Well, normal is a relative term of course. You say tomahtoe, I say eww no thanks, I'll take some cheese please.


Welcome home new fishies. Judging from the screeches of sheer and utter delight? I think you shall be loved. Be warned though, there will be identity crisis' as the children keep changing your names. I won't tell them that you won't answer to anything at all. Mr Orange? You have sadly become the adopted aquatic son of a boy with Bieber Fever. Sorry 'bout that. I tried. And tonight? He got the Bieber boy's phone number off a YouTube video. I don't know about this but he's insistent that it belongs to your namesake. Oh yes, he named you Justin Bieber (insert last name). You were Justin "Brock" (insert last name) for all of 20 minutes. Then is changed to just Brock. Alas, you now have the full Bieber moniker. Again, sorry.

Cutie little orange face? Your name is Barbie.

It'll change tomorrow. Don't get excited.



Lawcy Mercy, I love this kid.



I found these on an old camera card and holy toledo! My little chunky boy! And the girls!! They are so stinking cute - all of them!!


Rocking the side ponies. She's bringing the 80's back folks. Get ready.










Why is it that we can't leave the hotel (any hotel) in  a good mood? It seems that every single time we go somewhere over night, we have a great time while we're there but when it comes to leaving the hotel? Never a good ending.

We had a great time at Mandy's wedding this weekend. The girls were great in their role as flower girls. Matt and Mandy got married at the top of the little hill leading to the barn and the guests all sat on hay bales. It was a great ceremony and there were no major meltdowns. Not from my batch of children at least.

The reception (or respetion as Baby Girl calls it) was great. The kids got to do a scavenger hunt and though they thought there was a prize at the end of it all, alas, there was not. Not a single person knew what the hell they were talking about, especially the children themselves. The kids did the Chicken Dance (banned at my wedding) and we all did the Hokey Pokey. Baby Girl fell in love with the kitties. All eleventyhundred of them but…


What an amazing weekend.....  Congrats to Matt and Mandy!!

(more pictures coming soon!)


Someone's getting married today.

My hairs will be in better places. Promise!

I really like riding in the wagon. Just wait 'til I'm all gussied up! Yeehaw!!!

Sissy takes good care of me.


A Love Story (albeit a one sided love story in the end but still...) It all started with him. An innocent farm cat. Minding his own business. 

This cute thing (my niece) comes along and poof! Instant friends. Inseparable.

They frolicked in the driveway. He, loving on her. She, showing the love back.

He started to pull away. Wanting his freedom. Needing to run amok on the farm. He's a free spirit, this one. Doesn't want to be tied down to one lady friend.

So she watches. From a distance. This is how she was for the next 1/2 hour. On the way back to the hotel, she cried. The entire 8 miles. Was she sad that she isn't in the wedding? Was she sad she didn't get a gift? Did she want to bring the farm kitty home? No. No to all of the above. This precious girl that I love more and more every time I see her was crying for one simple reason.
She just loves that kitty so much.
Nothing else. Just the love in her heart.
If that doesn't touch your heart then you are dead to me. Got it?…


We like to jack our kids up right before big events they are in like, oh I don't know......A WEDDING on Saturday. I'm shaking my head here. I think we're cursed. Bad mojo?? She was sitting in a lawn chair at the county fair and nosedived right onto the ski/runner(?) of a vintage snowmobile. That right there is a lyric straight out of a country song. Go ahead.

Just send me some royalties k?


Even with big ol' glasses on?
Rawwr Mr. Ferguson! Rawwrrr!


I wish I was sleeping. Sadly, a regular look of, what? Exhaustion? Desperation?  We'll go with all of those things. And so much more.


Trying to play rock paper scissors without killing each other. It never ends well.


This is how we cool down at home. What? We don't have a/c. 


I love watching him sleep. He, however, does not like waking up to that. He also doesn't like it when I cry because he's growing up. He says he feels bad for me that it makes him sad. That makes me cry more. I love this kid no matter how many headaches he brings on.


Those two short naps still didn't wear her out. Look though! No nuk!  In interest of full disclosure, the nuks are all MIA. Bummer dudes. :::insert sarcasm, clearly:::


Silly Monkey


This is what happens when you have the direction challenged five year old help the two year old put her shoes on.


This is what I get sometimes when I wake him up and we're in a hurry.
Which is, like, always.


So I have this necklace. No, I don't wear it. I'm pretty sure it came from my great aunt or her sister, my grandmother. I can't remember who. That's bad isn't it? Yeah, I thought so.  Right. So. I'm wondering if anyone has seen one like it? I'm going through all of my jewelry today and a couple pieces stood out. 
It's a nice piece, I like it, but I wouldn't wear it.  It's more of a "let's display it in the hutch that has the family stuff in it" type piece. Plus? I don't know what the symbol on the back means, if anything.  It says "sterling" and then has a music note (?)/backwards f (?)  I don't know. And.............maybe *you* know? You can tell me. It's ok.

Side note? It's almost 1 am here and my one yr old has decided this is  prime time to practice her singing/screeching/sqawking  (sqwauking? sqwawking? WTH?)


Bachelorette Party!!!