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Two Seasons In The Midwest

Road construction and winter. If the site shows up wonky, things don't work or anything else, please let me know. I'm trying out some different things and I'm just an html idiot in need of serious help. Bear with me folks. Thanks for your patience. Drive slow.

A Good Time Will Be Had, I'm Sure

The Captain is excited. Pert near giddy I say.

Tomorrow night, while I slave away at work and my mother in law is tortured with the children, my husband and his cousin will be enjoying this.

I know I'll be just as excited if I ever get to see this guy*, this one** or these fellas*** live. A girl can wish right?

*This one better happen soon, the man's getting up there (66)
** He may be gay, who knows. He's still hot and his music makes me dance. That's a visual you do not want to see, trust.
***Oh. My. God. Come on! Funny hasn't been this hot in a long time!

Here's a few more asterisks in case you didn't think there were enough:

* * * *
* *

Addictions, They Need To Be Fed

So I told ya'll about my "therapy" the other day. I never thought I would like doing something like this but I gotta tell ya, I do. I like it a lot. I still haven't made the boy's Spongebob one but I'm getting there. Les* said she wants one and I'm guessing it gets just as cold there as it does in the State of Hockey.
I was thinking (and Lord knows that can get dangerous), these things are a hit with the kidlets so why not make them and sell them? Then I thought (oh dear, two thoughts, watch out), maybe someone would buy one. Hmmm.

So...if you would like a homemade, fleece, no-sew blanket, I would be honored to fulfill that need. If you are interested, email me what pattern you would like (both sides) and I'll let ya know the cost. I'm thinking I'll probably just charge the cost of materials and shipping. Who knows. I'm going by the seat of my pants here people. It's one of the hundred ideas in my mind but the only one that escaped and …

Last Saturday On ER.....

Our scene opens with me sleeping soundly after conquering insomnia. The time is 430 am. Enter stage left, The Peanut. I was woken up to the sounds of what I surely thought was a rottweiler preparing to attack me. That or it was a bad dream at Sea World. I thought I heard a raspy "Mama" come forth but ignored it because I always wait for a second call. Oh I got that call. She coughed in my ear and hence, the dog/Sea World thoughts came forth. I just about lost my shit. I didn't know what the hell was going on. Scariest damn sound right next to hearing your kid screaming in legitimate, I think I broke a bone, pain. I jumped out of bed, scooped her up and almost peed myself. Guess ya gotta go when ya gotta go. I wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and sat her in the hallway so I could do my thing that had to be done or there would be even more drama. She wasn't happy but hey, Mama's gotta pee sometimes too ya know.

My mother in law came upstairs and said that it d…


Turn and face the strain, ch-ch-changes. Wha? Oh, sorry. Sidetracked again. Moving right along.

I think I want to cut my hair short. Shorter than it was the last time G cut it. I'm kinda scared to do it. I had it super short when I lived in AZ eons ago but I was also 20 years old. I'm nowhere near that age anymore. I wonder if I'll look like an older broad trying to look young and hip (I can't believe I just typed that) or if it'll look natural on me. Gah! I hate this indecision. I looked at hundreds of photos in the last hour and a half. I found two that I like. Sad. Here they are:

So what do we think? The blonde one too short? Let's keep in mind that I am so low maintenance that I'm no maintenance. I'm lucky if I get to blow dry my hair (I am trying to make time for it G!) I just need some opinions other than my husband saying "Whatever you do, it'll look great". Let's refresh everyone on what I look like. Prepare yourselves:

Oh look at…

My Therapy

My Pink Ribbon blanket
in honor of Gramma

Baby animals for Peanut

Butterflies and Ladybugs for
my niece when she sleeps
over at our house

The Vikings for the Captain
though the kids and I have
most of the time

I still have several more in mind to make and the boy wants his Spongebob one soon.

I've Never Liked Tests

Two weeks from now Monkey Boy is having some testing done. We've been experiencing some problems and we want to make sure all bases are covered. Ya know, get all the T's crossed and I's dotted before going off the deep end thinking he's going to be a hatemonger in high school.

We've had a few people tell us that he displays classic signs of a high functioning mild autistic child. At first the Captain and I were a little taken aback. No one wants anything to be "wrong" with their child. You say autism and people change how they treat you and your child (and not always in a good direction). I talked with several people familiar with the spectrum and they all agreed: Taken individually, all of his "quirks" are normal. Throw them all together into one child and now you're talking about something else.

Every kid has a routine about certain things. It's cute. Adorable. Until you can't leave the house because he has to do this routine and can…

Better Late Than Never I Always Say

Actually, I really don't say that but it sounded profound yes? No? Hmm OK.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Bet ya knew that though right? Well, I like to point out those types of things. Call me Captain Obvious.
My Grandma Lulu died from this horrid disease in 2003. She was an amazing woman and it saddens me so much that my children will never know her personally. They'll hear the stories we all have from knowing this courageous, strong Norwegian woman. My aunt is a survivor. She was diagnosed almost 1 year ago. She's cancer free and our hopes and prayers, God willing, will keep her that way. My husband's Grandma H is a survivor as well. I just can't see the bad C word (not that one) beating this woman. She kicked it's ass and is doing well now.
All of us know someone who's been touched by this disease. The loss of a loved one, it's tough. We need to find a cure. We HAVE to find a cure. I don't want my daughter growing up with this fear in …

As Seen On TV (or Internet In This Case)

Today I'm introducing a new segment to my illustrious blog (illustrious bwahaha)....ahem...I bring to you As Seen On TV right here at Look Busy. I've always been entranced by items that are available "only on TV". Mainly because you can go to Walgreens down the street and pick up the same thing. I tried Nads some years ago. Let's just say I wasn't pleased with it. And the pain? It alternated between hilarious to us and downright well, painful. Anyway, I was at my favorite store ever (just ask my husband) and what did my eyes see? Behold: Tater Mitts
I love potatoes. Mashed, baked, fried. I love them all. This thing? A dream "utensil" for me. I picked it up for $14.99 and didn't have to pay that pesky shipping and handling charge, yes! It's been sitting in the storage area of the dining room until the occasion arose for us enjoy some taters. My mother in law said she wanted to use the potatoes that she brought home last week and I just about b…

Um, What?

Really? Sometimes you read something and you're just shellshocked at what you're reading. Did they really say the officer is the victim? Really? I don't know why I'm so upset that I feel the need to blog about this.

Oh wait, that's right.

The boy was dying and is in a care facility now, eating and breathing through tubes. She wants money from this family, plain and simple. What an atrocious person. So she'll have arthritis down the line? BIG HAIRY DEAL! They have a grandson that will never walk, talk, hug them or say I love you. Get a job sitting on your ass and stop looking for handouts.


Something New

New pics of the whole fam damily are up at Flickr. Check 'em out. If you want me to send you prints, I have plenty. Let me know which one and what size.

I swear I'll write more. I know that Nov is the blog everyday thing and I think that's what's holding me back. I have some plans. Then again, I always have plans. Most just never come to fruition. That's a great word: fruition.