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Last Saturday On ER.....

Our scene opens with me sleeping soundly after conquering insomnia. The time is 430 am. Enter stage left, The Peanut. I was woken up to the sounds of what I surely thought was a rottweiler preparing to attack me. That or it was a bad dream at Sea World. I thought I heard a raspy "Mama" come forth but ignored it because I always wait for a second call. Oh I got that call. She coughed in my ear and hence, the dog/Sea World thoughts came forth. I just about lost my shit. I didn't know what the hell was going on. Scariest damn sound right next to hearing your kid screaming in legitimate, I think I broke a bone, pain. I jumped out of bed, scooped her up and almost peed myself. Guess ya gotta go when ya gotta go. I wrapped her up in her favorite blanket and sat her in the hallway so I could do my thing that had to be done or there would be even more drama. She wasn't happy but hey, Mama's gotta pee sometimes too ya know.

My mother in law came upstairs and said that it didn't sound good at all what was going on. Now when my mother in law says that, I know it's serious. She doesn't over react to those types of things like I do. (Can we say 3 separate times (in two weeks) I thought I has strep and no, it was a cold? Yeah.) I got her calmed down, refreshed her juice and she rocked with Gramma while I called the nurse then insurance to see where the nearest Urgent Care was. Went in and told The Captain we needed to take her to the ER and he said OK and got up only to almost headbutt me and fall over with a charlie horse. We apparently don't wake up well in this family. Found out where to take her and got her in a new sleeper, new juice again and grabbed the blanket, Care Bear, Woody and two babies. All necessities if you want the sick one to be happy in the car. Went to tell The Captain we were ready and he was asleep. Yes, he went back to sleep. I don't know if he thought he was having a nightmare or what. Maybe when he peed after getting up, it wiped out his last 5 minutes of memory? Could happen.

Got him functional and off we went to the hospital. Conveniently the same one that Great Gramma was in for a few days last month. At least we knew how to get there fast. By the time we got there, he and I were sick of the VeggieTales CD and she was feeling tons better. They still gave her a dose of the steroid medicine to help with the swelling under the vocal box. She was quite the hit there - charming everyone and getting whatever she wanted. We were there for approx 30 minutes (wow) and left with a purple ladybug balloon (currently residing just above the ceiling fan). We also left with our first case of croup. It's a nasty bad thing. I never want to hear that sound again from her. Scared me to death.

So our episode ends happily, as they all should. The Peanut is back to her crabby patty bossy self and no one else has gotten the croup from her. Whew.


Mandy said…
HAHAHA... so i was literally laughing out loud picturing you thinking you are being attacked by a rottweiler or visiting a horrifying seaworld. but my dad was giving me weird looks... so the laughing slowly stopped.

also... your eye candy of the week is not that fabulous... may i suggest the sexy james lafferty, who plays nathan on one tree hill? he is definately eye candy!! yumm.

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