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As Seen On TV (or Internet In This Case)

Today I'm introducing a new segment to my illustrious blog (illustrious bwahaha)....ahem...I bring to you As Seen On TV right here at Look Busy. I've always been entranced by items that are available "only on TV". Mainly because you can go to Walgreens down the street and pick up the same thing. I tried Nads some years ago. Let's just say I wasn't pleased with it. And the pain? It alternated between hilarious to us and downright well, painful. Anyway, I was at my favorite store ever (just ask my husband) and what did my eyes see? Behold: Tater Mitts

I love potatoes. Mashed, baked, fried. I love them all. This thing? A dream "utensil" for me. I picked it up for $14.99 and didn't have to pay that pesky shipping and handling charge, yes! It's been sitting in the storage area of the dining room until the occasion arose for us enjoy some taters. My mother in law said she wanted to use the potatoes that she brought home last week and I just about blew a gasket in my excitement. I literally jumped up and down asking, "Can we use the Tater Mitts? Can we? Can we? Oooh! Oooh!" My MIL was giggling at it. I was so pumped to use them. I busted them out of the box, prepped myself for some tater peeling fun.

The gloves? It's like they took blue gravel rock for the office fish tank and hot glued them to some rubber dish gloves. Interesting.

Put a colander in the sink, run the cold water over the taters and get to scrubbing.
To say that I was disappointed would be a gross injustice. Please note that is says "Peels a potato in 8 seconds". I think they meant "peels a potato in 8x240 seconds". I scrubbed at this poor, thin skinned tater for a good 12-15 seconds and got this:
That's not a peeled potato. I do believe that I will be returning this to the most glorious store in all of the world. Of course, I don't think I have my receipt so they'll probably tell me no. Then I'll have to call upon the Tater Mitt makers. It's going to be fun I'm sure.

Suffice to say, I am giving this product a negatory my friends. Don't bother with it. In the time it will take you to scrub one potato, you could have half a bag peeled. Aesthetically interesting but a productive failure.
Coming soon.....The Eggstractor
Edited To Add: We didn't feel the need to test the veggie slicer since the Mitts were so disappointing. My MIL has a killer slicer anyway.


Anonymous said…
Did the Bonus vegetable slicer make the perfect french fries.... please don't leave us hanging. hahaha. Luv ya hun!

Mandy said…
HAHAHA.... what did i tell you!? i doubted them from the moment you plucked them off the shelf. but i am glad you bought them so i got to read about them on here... so at least they were good for something... right?!

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