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I Don't Even Know Where To Begin.....

I catch enough grief about my team and this certainly does not bode well for me. I'm so pissed about this whole situation and to be honest, I don't know why. I have no personal interest in how they play, if they make the playoffs or, miracle of all miracles, they win the Superbowl. Sure I'd like to see that happen but I have no personal gain in it. So why do I care? I can't stand Jerry Jones. The man has an ego that can rival some Hollywood stars out there. T.O.? I just don't know what to say. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but it's kinda hard when he does shit like this. Maybe it was an accident, maybe he was trying to off himself, we may never know. I do know this: if it was suicide on his mind, that would piss me off even more. I had a friend that killed himself years ago and to be honest, it pissed me off. I understand the desperation, ask my doctor. I understand the helpless feelings, ask my therapist. I don't understand how people think that taking their own lives makes it better for everyone. For themselves, sure, they aren't around. The rest of us have to deal with what's left. When this friend killed himself, I was so angry at him and felt bad that I was angry. I have since learned that it's a normal emotion to have. He may have solved his problems but he left his father, friends and other family left wondering what we could have done different. How could we have helped him? So I say again, if T.O. was contemplating suicide, I will be pissed, no doubt about it. I understand that celebrities have depression issues and often get depressed, I get that. However, there are so many people out there who don't have the resources or the funding to get the resources for the help they desperately need. Owens has the money. He has the people to get him the help. If he was trying to off himself, I say show him the proper way so that next time he completes the task. Overpaid athlete crybabies do absolutely no good to my day.

Add to that whole debacle, The Hoff's daughter tried to off herself? Oh wait no, it was the evil kitty cat that sliced her arm. WTF? I don't even want to know more about that one.

Anna Nicole's lawyer is the baby daddy. At least he's been the one constant in her life, through good and bad times, thin and chubby times, sober and not so much times. I still think it's a little creepy skeezy. I just have to say, she looks mothertrucking hot in this photo. Damn. If only she would take care of herself more.


Anyone catch what Rosie said on The View the other day? I heard about it on the Glenn Beck show and almost wrecked my car on the way home from work.

"Here's what you do for diaper rash, you get a friend whose dog just had babies, you bring your baby over with the puppies, you leave the baby naked and the dog will lick the babies heiney - this is what a doctor told me because there is antiseptic in the dogs tongue and the diaper rash will go away. You don't believe me but I have four kids and I've tried it."

Listen I used to love Rosie, I did. I totally got into her show, thought her "crush" on Tom Cruise was cute and really only had a problem with her when Tom Selleck was on her show (no backlash here please, I'm a Republican though more towards the middle and I like my views and if you don't agree, great, we're all Americans and we have that freedom) Anywhoo, she seems to me to be this angry, bitter woman whenever someone disagrees with her. Maybe it's the issues in her life, I don't know. I support her wanting to marry her partner Kelly, I totally support gay marriage (maybe I'm closer to the Dems' side on that issue). I just think she is crass and bitchy now. The fact that she is implying that mothers try this on their kids is so appalling that I shiver when I think about it. Guh.

Dear God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus Christ Superstar,

Please make her quit. Please make her leave my store and never come back to cashier ever again. I tell you now Lord, I will stab her in the eye with a fork and not regret one swing of it. Did you see when I told her she couldn't wear capris to work? That it was against the dress code policy that she read and signed when she was hired? Did you see the evil death look I received when telling her the next time she wore them she would have to punch out, go home, change then come back to work? Yeah, I didn't like that look. Please make her leave before I do something that will put me away for a long time. I like seeing my kids everyday and don't want the Captain to have to tell them, "Mommy's at work" all day everyday for 12-20 years. Thanks.

Your Loverly Cashier


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