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I Need To Be In The Audience For John Edward To Help Me Out

What the hell? Seriously. Was I a wretched horrible person in a previous life? I must have done something bad cause this, this juju that I have today? It's bad. Let's recap....We spent 4 1/2 hours in the ER today with our son having an abscessed area in his little bitty mouth drained. Something that could have been done the day before but noooooooo, it wasn't.

Then, upon arriving back at my sister in law's place where our 3 yr old was, said 3 yr old tells me she has croup. She's knows what it is, she's had it 3 times in the last 18 months and informed that she indeed was afflicted with it. I told her she was crazy, she didn't have croup and I was not taking her to the ER, I had seen enough of it not even an hour before.

On a side note here, we went to the ER at 3pm so we hadn't eaten the dinner yet. Fluffy made a couple plates for us for when we got back. Oh yeah, we got back at almost 8pm. The food was delicious though, outstanding job on your first bird Fluffy.

SO...I tell her she's not sick. Then I'm told that she did cough a couple times and they sounded like barks. I said a few choice words and then decided that she was going to be just fine. We rounded the crabby girl and tired boy up and headed home at 915-ish. She slept on the way home. Got home around 945-10. The cough? It was no longer there. Yes!

Fast forward an hour and a half. The boy is asleep. Daddy is asleep. Mommy is on the computer (shocking, I know). The girl, she's sleeping too. Not for long.

Bark! Bark! Bark!

You're kidding me right? Right?? Because this can't be happening. Sure as shit, she's barking like a seal in heat* and is freaking out because she has no voice. I wrap her up, take her outside and sit on the bench in the cool air with her for 15 minutes. Still no improvement. I took her inside, had her snuggle with Gramma while I ran a steaming hot shower and shut the bathroom door. Sat in there with her after it was full of steam. There was no improvement with the poor thing.

Last option before another ER trip: the humidifier in my room. It's really dry in there and I seem to be waking up with chapped lips and bloody noses a lot so I bought a cute elephant humidifier from the best store on this Earth. I made sure it was full of water and on high, pointed the elephant's trunk towards the bed and set up her spot. She sounds better and could breathe easier when she was sitting up so lucky her, she got to use my new pregnancy pillow**. She's up there now watching Little Mermaid, snuggled in my pillow and drinking some water.

I have to work in the morning. The boy and Daddy have the oral surgeon appointment. I really hope she doesn't have to go to the ER. Maybe I can get her in at the clinic tomorrow. Gah. That would be an early Christmahannakwanza miracle indeed!

*I have no clue what the hell a seal in heat sounds like. I am so tempted to YouTube it but that would lead to a couple hours of my life being wasted and not being able to get them back.
**The pregnancy pillow? As my boy would say: It was superdy, duperdy, flooperdy, wicked awesome! I love that thing. I only woke up once. And I didn't even have to pee that time. Too much information? Whoops.


Anonymous said…
since you seem to use the letters ER quite a lot.. don't you people have like an urgent care clinic near you.. or an express care or anything?? we have a few of them here and they cost way less than an er visit.. some are even a flat fee like $40 and you just see a nurse and get a prescription.. you should check it out if you're worried about the bill!!!

Steph said…
Seriously if the next holiday doesn't bring us better luck, then we must have some kind of curse! I guess Dakota and I just aren't meant to have the back ends of our cars. And your personally funding the said hopsital that you end up at far to much for a single family. Ok I am going to wine, but seriously WTH this holiday sucked! Yeah I am thankful for good food and the time we had to spend together. But it aint fair!

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