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DId I Piss Off Murphy?

Murphy's Law sucks and I probably did just piss good ol' Murph off. Oh well.

The boy woke me up at 1am with a swollen inner lip under his nose. He was crying. I was horrified at what I was seeing. My MIL was awake and we talked about it and decided that we'll wait until the morning and if it's still swollen (after ibuprofen) I'll take him in. Thank goodness the clinic had ONE opening. I took it.

I sent him to school because, shockingly, he wanted to go. They called me an hour later and asked if I could come get him. He was laying under a blanket in the learning center and didn't want to talk to anyone or do anything. He was lethargic. It wasn't him.
I took him in to the pediatrician and she thought it was an abscessed tooth. Ut-oh. The kids aren't on our dental until Jan 1st. Shit, damn, hell. What now? She wanted him seen by a dentist today or Friday. Well, there goes a couple grand. Fudgescicles.
We finally found a place that could see him today and she was not expensive. It was great. Except he didn't like the gas, wouldn't lay still to get it. The numbing gel was stinging his very large lip. The needle? Let's not even go there.
Needless to say, the tooth was not pulled and it was a wash. The upside? She only charged us $24 for the x-ray. I cried and thanked her about a hundred times. Downside? He sees an oral surgeon on Friday. Daddy gets to take him to that one.

Hope for no fever and no more swelling please. Otherwise, we'll be spending the night in the ER. Not at the top of my list of things I want to be doing tonight.


Anonymous said…
is that what it was, an abcessed tooth? Owwweeee!!!

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