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Thank Goodness The Kids Were With Us

I usually wouldn't utter that phrase in regards to being in a store with the children but tonight, it fits. We joined one of those warehouse stores near our place last week and, along with my wicked awesome mother in law, we traipsed out there to check it out. We were there for 2 1/2 hours. It was fun. Until that last 10 minutes.

Side note...When the husband and I went there to sign up, it was the day of our 5 hour long doctor's appt downtown. I hadn't eaten anything at all and was feeling and looking like crap. We go to the store specifically to use the pharmacy (in case it was cheaper than my store - it wasn't) and then decided, what the hell. Sign us up. $50 later and we're getting our photos taken. Wait. What? Photos? No one told me my picture was going to be taken. No no no. This won't do. My face hasn't been washed. My hair. Oh dear Lord. My hair. I did hear the husband ask the kid taking the photo if they had a salon I could use before I stepped in front of the blue screen. Not sure if I was supposed to be offended or happy that he was thinking of me. Oh well, my picture looks just like me. If you were to see me at home, at my worst, feeling like pooh. Yep, just like me.

ANYWAY We get to the store and the boy is so excited to see the giant jars of pickles. Look, that was the only way I could get him dressed and in the car. I told him there were humongous jars of pickles there. It worked. I don't know how we did it but we managed to completely bypass that 2154 pallets of toys they had smack in the middle of the store. The kids never saw them and we all breathed a sigh of relief. My MIL and I got some really comfy "fleece" lined slippers for in the house. They feel like fleece to me. The girl got some monkey jammies and the boy got to pick out the largest box of kid's crackers I had ever seen.

The food section? Holy Toledo. I think we would've needed an extra room in the house if we got all the things we wanted or said "Ooh, that's a good deal! We should get that!". Thankfully, we controlled ourselves. We still spent a couple hundred but I got cream puffs and the husband got wings for the game tomorrow. All is good.

Well, not all. I lost my cell phone somewhere in the van or the store. Crap.

We stopped at the little cafe type place to eat before we left. The kids were so stinking good while we were shopping that we didn't even think about it. The imminent meltdown. Then the boy wanted a dollar for the chip machine. I said ok. However, the bag of cookies he wanted was $1.50 and I said no to that. Not for a little bitty bag of cookies. I don't care if they're the awesomely delicious Famous Amos ones. Nope. So he threw a fit and then we left. The end.

No, not really. You think we got off that easy? Psh.

He was still screaming about the dollar when we got to the car. The wind was barreling down on us and it was freezing outside (thanks Mother Nature. Where's that global warming crap??). The boy was hollering and the husband and I were being snarky to each other and all of us were freezing our collective asses off. Finally, everything is in the van, the boy was sufficiently bribed to get in his seat and we were on our way home. Finally.

Oh and my phone? In between the seat belts, on the floor in the way back of the van. Now, all is good.


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