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Just a Thought...Maybe Two

When someone is getting in the right turn lane lady, it does NOT mean you can pull out from the right in front of them. That's why they had their blinker on ya know.

When you're pulled off to the side of the road for reasons only known to you, don't think you can just pull out right in front of traffic. Sit your ass there and wait dumbass.

Apparantly Monkey Boy does not like this song* but LOVES this one (it plays louder than the others), this one (about 1:30 into the song that is), this one, and this one. Too much American Idol maybe?

Just because you drive a Jag or a Benz does not mean your shit smells different than mine. Get the hell out of my way or at least go the speed limit. Going 10mph UNDER isn't gonna make you any new friends.

I think the big red train is coming to town cause I was so bitchy on the road today. Maybe I have that condition? Then again maybe not cause I'm too chicken shit to flip someone off or yell loud enough for them to hear. Ya never know who'll wanna pop a cap in yo ass even here in my little itty bitty town.

How do people survive without A/C? I'm dying here.

Thank you FM107 for having your Chitter Chatter Days or whatever the hell you called it, today, in Excelsior. You clearly invited idiots of all walks of life and thanks to them, I had to endure a 30 min screamfest while trying to explain that McDonalds was overun with morons so Mommy didn't want to stop. Thank GOD for Culver's Chocolate Shakes. The world is now restored to it's semi peaceful state.

There's my dad with me and the kids at the craptastic hotel we all stayed at. I've been working on something for Father's Day about him. (no, I'm not pregnant. I just look it. I know, it's an awesome look. Especially to strangers who could care less about potentially embaressing a fellow stranger. Fun.)

Why do they have to package Children's Tylenol (Infant Drops) with the world's shittiest dispenser? You can't get the last of it out of there to save your life. There are at least 2 doses in there.

I think I'm done.

For now.

*I think perhaps the camera operator really liked the soldier washing the red Caravan. A little extra time on the backend if you know what I mean.


Les Becker said…
Wow, you always seemed soooo caaaalllllmmmm. Before. LOL! I'm trying to picture you swearing will driving behind some yahoo, and I just can't. Not being a driver (who probably would go spaz and start ramming my car into, then over, said yahoo, which is a good reason NOT to drive), I find it hard to be sympathetic, but the kids meds? I'll be right beside you whenever you wanna show up at the drugstore and kick butt.

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