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A Trifecta Of Happy

Oh people. Where do I even begin with this day? It was a good day. Great day indeed! Let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Muey Importante News Numero Uno : My sister in law Fluffy and her husband, Mr. Big, welcomed my newest niece into the world this afternoon. She looks just like her big sister, The Monkey. So damn cute and I can't wait to hold her. The Monkey is staying with us whilst her sister is adjusting to the lovely Minnesota winter weather. Congrats to Fluffy, Mr. Big and The Monkey!! Hey ya know what? Congrats to the newest girlie girl in our lives too! We're a crazy, loud family (well your cousins are, sorry) but we're family and we can't imagine us without you! Welcome baby, welcome home.

Muey Importante News Numero Dos : Mandyland done up and got herself engaged this morning! She's gonna marry herself a cowboy! Yeehaw people! He showed the ring to just about everyone but me. Wonder why. Perhaps he thinks I have a mouth on me and would let it slip? Me thinks this one is smart. And a smart ass but hey, that's why we love him. When I told the Boy that Cowboy asked Mandyland to marry him, the Boy was livid to say the least. He jumped up and hollered very loudly, "I don't want her to marry him! I'm marrying her and I told her already. Why did she say yes?!" There were other things he said but to say his heart may have been broken? Understatement, party of one? Understatement?

Muey Importante News Numero Tres : Ok this isn't important, per se, but super cool!! Tonight we (the Girl, the Littlest Little, The Man and Me) went out and watched ourselves a baby brat and fries eating competition. Oh and the Man was in it. Oh and it was "judged" by Adam from Man vs Food. I say "judged" because he didn't get there until 2 hours after the time stated and two of the three rounds were over already. SO.....The first 30 people that signed up were entered. Everyone who entered got their photo taken with Adam.

Side note - originally the Boy was coming with us because he loves the show and wanted to talk to Adam about the 2lb doughnut in Austin, TX and the Shut Up Sauce from somewhere (people I can't keep track of all the details!) When the Boy got home from school, I told him we needed to change and leave to go get Daddy. Out of nowhere, his Aspergers kicked in and he was defiant about not going. He said he was too shy to meet him and he was, without a doubt, not going. No yelling at me, a very calm boy stating he was staying home. This morning he was so excited! I didn't even try to bribe him or talk him into it because you could tell his mind was made up. Daddy and I wanted to go badly though so I bribed the Girl with a movie. She's easy. (Oh Lord, strike that please, I never want that statement associated with her ever again amen.) Right SO the Girl came with.

SO (how many times can I write SO in this post?)....we finally get to start the competition. 3 tables of 10 people. First 3 to clear the plate (5 mini brats and buns and a basket of fries) moves on to the next round. First 2 to finish that round move on to the finals. I was so proud of my man. He made it to the second round! I was screaming and hollering, so stinking happy  for him. He was worried about the next round though, not sure that he could do it. I just channeled Rob Schneider yelling You Can Dooooooit! The second round of brats were dipped in hot sauce. The Man likes hot food, trust me on this. He got through one and a half brats and was done. He said it wasn't the spicy brats, it was the quantity. He knew that if he kept going, he would have reserved the first round personally. That would have made for good tv no?

Some people were wondering if this was for Man vs Food but no, it was not. WCCO was there though so I'll have to check their website and see if we made it on there. That would be cool. So after the second round ended, they made the announcement that Adam was on his way, he was running a little late. No shit Einstein. Anyway, they said that he would be signing autographs and that because he was running so late, parents with children were going first. Score! The girls came in handy (not those girls, they don't get anything special for me except an extra helping of low self esteem since one wants to be bigger than the other and they both shrank after three kids - TMI? whoops). Carrying on.....When he came in the building, there was a rush of, how shall I put this? Dumbass drunk people? Idiots who could care less they were stepping on my child? Assholes who almost got punched by me? Yeah, I think that sums up the nature of most of the people there in the mosh pit and really, that's what it reminded me of. I told the Man to pick the Girl up because she was getting smooshed and I was worried about the baby because idiotic asshats were shoving forward. I decided that was enough for me and stepped in front of a few adults who were sans children and pretty muched lobbed the baby at Adam. I sweetly asked if he would hold her for a photo and because of the crowd (again with the not listening, I almost ended up in the man's lap - Hi Adam! How you doing?) we barely got the Girl in the photo. She was so happy to talk to him though, she asked him to do a challenge with her - drinking lemonade and he said sure! He was sweet with them. You could hear a collective Awww from the other parents when he had the baby (almost all of the kids were 5 and over and hello? she had a whale spout hairdo and is super cute - duh). After that debacle we headed out and I just realized that the Man never got his photo taken with Adam. I feel bad now. At least he got to talk to him, even if it was to tell him about the Boy loving him and being too shy.

Wow, if you're still reading this? Well, I am just amazed. And thanks. Also? Go take a nap and sorry for the rambling induced headache. That tends to happen 'round these parts! Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos. The Nikon still has a flash that's pooping no light at all and the camera phone was all we had. All in all, an awesome day I would say! Congrats again to Fluffy and Mr Big, Mandyland and Cowboy and my girls for their moment in the spotlight!


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