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Right, Yeah, About That Post

Oh I had such a good post in mind for today. It was going to be funny, produce images that you never thought you would have in your brain, it was going to be a doozy. Then Mother Nature and Murphy got together and kicked my ass.

I woke up not able to breathe one iota through either nostril. I sounded like Barry White and my son asked what happened to my hair. It was standing out to one side and standing up on the other side. I guess I slept in the same position for quite some time last night and didn't budge.

I was scheduled to work 6-10 tonight as the CSM (running the front end). You're supposed to call in at least 4 hours before your shift if you aren't going to make it. I called my boss at 9. In the morning. Nine hours before I had to be there. She called me back to see if Mandy might work for me so I called Mandy and she couldn't do it. Oh well. I never call in sick. I leave early when the chance arrives because I who wouldn't want to leave early. AND I never leave when they still actually need me. I'm not that cold hearted.

I was waiting to be told to rest and see how I felt later but she didn't say that to me. Thank God. Mandy was told she was expected to be at work even after she told them she had Pink Eye. You know, the highly contagious eye infection? You know I work at a grocery store right? Right, well she came in and Dar sent her home. I've told you before and I'll tell you again, I heart that woman. She took one look at Mandy and said no way, get outta here.

I'm going in tomorrow no matter how I feel. When I pass out at work and get injured and they ask why I came in if I was sick, I'll have my answer. You expect pink eye infected employees to come in, you make people feel guilty when they are truly sick and not screwing you to get the day off. I bust my ass for this place. I have worked overnight when they needed it in a pinch. I've picked up shifts when they needed someone. I've stayed late. I've come in early. I've called out 2 times in the year and half I've been there. Today and a couple months ago when Gramma In Law was in the hospital.

I'm not trying to sound like a martyr but when my brother in law calls me to tell me that someone at my store said they were not pleased that I called out sick, I get defensive. You're not pleased? Psh, please this. The best part? They didn't know that he was my brother in law when they were talking about me. His girlfriend defended me telling the person that everyone in my house is sick and that it was only a matter of time before I got sick. They were OK after she was telling them that stuff but the fact that they said they weren't pleased with me about calling is sick is bullshit.

If I get written up for this, I'll go to the union. I know that other people who have called in 20 minutes before their shift haven't gotten written up. Oh now I am so anxious to get to work tomorrow.

Of course, the husband will be driving me because I'm a pansy and don't drive in the bad four letter word S-N-O-W.


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