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How Can I Sleep?

When I know that Bret Michaels, the guys from OCC, Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and maybe, possibly George Clooney are in the same town as me? A girl can really lose her mind with that information. Apparently Sandra Bullock and her delicious husband are staying across the street from us. A couple of ladies we saw outside saw Paul Sr earlier. You know what this means.

I'm gonna be walking all over town looking like a tool with my camera hanging around my neck. Now if you hear of a woman passing out (and possibly wetting her pants*) don't worry, it's just me.

I took a lot of photos on the way down here, couldn't help it. The landscape and farms all looked great. I'll have to upload those when we get back. The husband's laptop would probably have a coronary if I tried to hook it up for that.

So the plan is hair appointment in the morning then head downtown with G and pray that I can get it for my tattoo. Since it's a motorcycle celebration (yay S & S for 50 years!!) I shudder to think what the walk in line is going to be like at the shop. Let's all pray.

The Captain is taking Z-Man to see The Hulk. The kid is so excited. I am so glad that he loves Kirk and wants to spend time with him. I love this boy as if he were my own. He's a great kid and he so looks forward to our visits. He asked his mom once if she would pay for us to move back here if she won the lottery. Of course she said yes. That made him so happy. I've really got to figure out some way to get down here more often. With the kids and without. I really want my kids to see where Mommy calls home. I wish we could live here too but the job market is not what it needs to be. The Captain should have his boss open a branch down here. That would totally rock.

I do believe the rumble of the bikes is starting to lull me to sleep. Hope for the best with the photos and tattoo tomorrow!!

*and by "wetting her pants" I mean peeing myself. Sheesh.


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