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Thanks For The Berman Man

Last night started out great, ended on a good note. All that crap in the middle? Not so much. A recap in photos:

Yes, Yes it is

One hour to go

Goooooooooooo Vikings!!

Then it all went down hill. I'll give the Patriots credit, they are an awesome team. I really wish the Vikings had shown up to the game. I would have taken a couple pics of Bollinger but um yeah, he was sacked on every play of the only drive he was out there.

These two asshats could have been kicked in the head and I don't think a single soul would have reported the perp. I understand cheering for your team but yeah, these dipshits went beyond that. They didn't care that the couple behind them (elderly I might add) asked them to not drop the F bomb. They would turn to all of us behind them and yell "That's what the F we're talking about" whenever the Pats would do something good (and let's face it, there were plenty of F bomb opps that night). They were just asshats. I would use a stronger word but there are a couple family members that read this. We still had fun though and that's all that matters. Most people left just after the 4th quarter started. We managed to stay til 3 minutes were left.

Then it was off to Sexworld! Ha! So much for being good with family reading this. A homeless guy asked for change on our way in and the Captain gave him 75c. When we were leaving the wonderous filled store that has two floors a bucking penis, I saw the guy again and went to give him a dollar. He freaked out and thought I was gonna jump him. He said that a couple drunk guys jumped him last week and messed up his leg. I gave him the dollar and told him to get a cup of coffee and get warm. He told us the shelter charges them $7 a night to sleep there. To us of course that's a steal but not so for him. If the little voice in my head didn't keep telling me his leather coat looked a little too new, I woulda gave him the $7. I was also thinking he may go buy booze with it too, is that horrible?

Anywhoo, a good night was had neverminding the game. Tomorrow starts the 30 days of blogging - woohoo!!!


Les Becker said…
Nah, I think your karma's okay on this one... except for that I can't quit laughing picturing this guy freaking out thinking you were mugging him! ROTFL!
Les Becker said…
You're in on NaBloPoMo, too? We shall have to start some schtuff, no...? Lol!

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