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This Is One Of The Prerequisits Yes?

I should have a card made and laminated that I can give to other moms saying "Welcome! I feel your pain. You are not alone". I feel I should have received one of those today.

My 6 year old son called 911 today. Twice. In a 20 minute time frame.

We had a mini family reunion today and since I had to work at 3, I had to leave early. I took the boy and the girl home with me and the husband kept the baby because, hello? Everyone loves babies. I finally get them wrangled into the van, hope and pray that the bicycle tour thingie is over, hyper focus on not getting lost and most of all, worry about getting home in time to leave again for work. All went well, whew, and we made it home with a couple minutes to spare.

The boy comes running upstairs hollering that he needs our street address. Um why is naturally the first thing that comes to mind. He says to just tell him and I say I need a good reason to. Here is one of the reasons we haven't taught him our address: (no lie people, sersly!) He tells me the policeman on the phone would like to know our street address so he can come and take the boy to jail.

Have you seen someone literally jump down seven or eight steps holding on the railing for stability? I have, the brother in law did it a couple weeks ago when he was running late for work. Me? One broken leg please. So yeah, I ran down them and skipped maybe one step. Rebel yell!!

I picked up the phone and nervously said hello. The nice officer on the other end said the boy called 911 and the officer wanted to make sure everything was ok. I assured him everything was and he said the boy did the right thing. I said no he didn't, there wasn't an emergency here so no, the right thing was not done. Gah!

We had a nice talk, the boy and I, about real emergencies. We talked about how if he's talking to the police and a real emergency happens, they won't be able to take care of the person that needs help because they'll be too busy talking to him. I said he could only call 911 if an adult told him too or if someone died. If I told him to call when he couldn't wake someone up, he'd be on the phone every morning and I would have a shitty wake up call. They probably charge for that too huh? Damn. Anyway, I think he got it.

Hmph. Think again Mama!

I was on the road to work about 15 minutes later and my mother in law calls and says I'm not going to believe this and I said what am I not going to believe? She said he did. it. again! I told her to hide the phone from him until the husband got home in a couple hours. She scolded him and talked to him about not doing that as well. The best part? His logic. If someone wants to understand a child with Aspergers Syndrome, take heed of this story. The boy had an idea. When he has an idea, he has to complete it. He has to make it happen. His world is not right until this is done. His plan? When he called the cops? Twice?

He wanted to have them take him to jail. He wanted to go to the jail where the bad kids are (one day we were talking about juvenile hall and regular jail. dude I don't know. these are the conversations we have 'round these parts). He wanted to go see the bad kids. To tell them that he's a good kid and show them how they can be good kids too.

That's what he wanted to do. On paper? Awesome idea son! In theory? That's great! In real life? Um, no. He's six.

I am, however, going to take the boy and the girl and our niece to the police/fire station this coming week so they can talk to a real officer about the dangers of calling 911 when there's no emergency.

So, if your kid does this some day, and I'm sure they will (they better!)(wow that was harsh! sorry), it's ok. We've been there. It's totally normal.

Well, in our world it is.


Anonymous said…
holy crap. i couldn't even imagine!!!! i would have been out of my mind.

i had a girl yesterday that i think was high functioning autistic. i didn't ask, i could just tell. the dad was super patient with her, but she had a LOT of issues while i shampooed her hair, with me touching her at all and the water getting close to her ears, etc. and she sat up while i was shampooing so water got on her shirt and she didn't like the feel of it so she started screaming bloody murder. and i think she was 8. :(

we got some towels inbetween her shirt & skin and then blow dried her shirt before cutting her hair. and then the cut was fine and she calmed down right away. i just knew she had a few sensory issues.

anyways. wow.


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