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This And That With Some Mixed Emotions

My sister in law, Fluffy, is due this Thursday to have her first baby. Sweet Baby G could have been born this past weekend and Fluffy would have been deliriously happy. No, she's holding out, wants to stay in the warm, dark place I guess. I told Fluffy to watch out, it's a leap year. That'll be fun all through life hey? I get to be in the delivery room with her and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I don't have siblings and I imagine that even if I had a younger sister, I wouldn't love her as much as I love Fluffy. She's a great kid, er woman I mean!!! I am so happy for her and for Bigs. He's taking good care of her, making sure she rests and whatnot. I'll keep my 5 4 readers up to date (Mandy's computer died so she doesn't count anymore).

Went to a meeting tonight about sensory processing and how it effects the child. I was under the impression that it was an informational meeting. Help for parents who need it, resources, other parents/caregivers to talk to about this. It basically was 90 minutes of generalizing the issues and not really offering anything and 30 minutes of questions sprinkled in there. We were there for two hours and I think I got two things out of it that I didn't know before hand. And people? If you are going to one of these things and don't feel like listening to the speaker, can you do me and all the others a favor and shut the frickin' frack up. Jesus Mary Martha if I had to listen to that one bitter, schleppy looking woman for one more second I may have asked the woman next to me to poke me in the eye with her pencil. Good Godfrey woman! My cell phone went off about 10 minutes into the meeting. Ooops.

I heard the phone vibrating a couple times midway through the meeting and thought maybe Fluffy was going into labor but yeah, no. It was Mandy. I thought it was nothing until I saw the texts saying stuff like "you need to call me", "this is important". Stuff like that. I call her on our way out and she tells me that Dar at work has died. I yelled shut up in the parking then accidentally clicked the phone over to camera and disconnected the call. I got in the car and started bawling. I called her when we got home and that's pretty much all we know. This just kills me because Dar was the best. If I had to have a top 3 of people at my store she would be right up there. I want to guess that she was in her late 50's though if I'm wrong, I'm sure she'll haunt me for the rest of my life. If you pissed her off, too bad. No sympathy from me but man, if you could make her laugh or did you work without bitching, she was awesome!

She was supposed to work tonight but didn't show and that's very unlike Dar. The store called her house several times and got no answer. Finally her brother called the store (he lives with her) and said that she was sick. He called later and said she died. That's all we know. He didn't say anything else. I've met her brother, he's very nice. I helped her clean her kitchen and bathroom right before the holidays for when her company would come over. She would house sit for people and decorate their places for the holidays. She was always picking something up at the store, flowers, candle holders, etc. God was she a good woman. I worked with her for a couple hours on Sunday and she was in good spirits. She usually tells me when she's sick but she seemed just fine, was in a great mood when she left. I'm thinking a stroke or heart attack. I just don't know what else it could have been. We'll have to wait and see. I'm hoping that we'll be able to arrange it so that whoever wants to go to her funeral from the store, can. Maybe employees at the other store would be able to come and work the afternoon (or morning, whatever time it is).

So this week, we welcome Sweet Baby G and say goodbye to a great friend we had in Dar. I don't know how, but somehow we'll go on, the pain will become a little less and Dar's memory and laughter will be with us always.


Les Becker said…
Wow - a strange mix of feelings, here. Way up here in Canuckia, I'm excited about the birth of Sweet Baby G. and at the same time, sad that you've lost Dar (sincere condolences to you and your staff, btw). I can only imagine what both ends of the spectrum must feel like for you, when I'm feeling like this over total strangers.

I hope you're able to get to the services for Dar - things like that help a lot.
Anonymous said…
Oh Trish I am so sorry to hear about Dar, I can't beleive it :( How sad...well I had my appointment this morning, and got the membranes stripped (ouch!) and if it works I will be in labor within in the next 24 hours, if not I keep waiting and go back next Tuesday for an appointment and ultrasound and we'll schedule the induction I do hope it doesn't get to that! I am very happy you are going to be there with me though, when it FINALLY does happen! Love you, Fluffy :)

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