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What They Say Is True

Most accidents and what not happen within one or five miles of your house (depends on who you believe I suppose). I'll go with the winner that said one mile. You all remember when I got pulled over right? Yeah, that was a fun time. It appears this intersection hates us.

The Captain got rear ended this morning. He was stopped at the yield sign for some silly reason. Oh yeah, cars were zooming by. Some seventeen year old girl ran right into him. He called me about 3 hours later to tell me about it.

Me: Are you shitting me?
Him: Seriously
M: Did you get her insurance information?
H: She didn't have it with her car.
M: Isn't that kind of, what's the word? Illegal??
H: Yes.
M: Did you get the make, model, color and license on the car?
H: No, I forgot.
M: :::blink:::*
H: I know, I know.
M: Did you give her our info?
H: Yes, I gave her my insurance card from my wallet.
M: What? Why the hell would you do that? I'll call the insurance company and let them know.
H: She gave me a telephone number to reach her at but she isn't answering.
M: Give me her name and whatever info you do have.
H: blah blah blah yada yada yada

{did you think I was going to blog that info? Well, if you must know, I was tempted}

M: Let me see what I can dig up on her.
H: I did find a listing for her parents, I presume, and I already put a call into them.

{Here's where I was thinking, this poor girl is not going to want mom and dad to know about this esp if it's in their car and they pay the insurance}

M: Did you call the cops?
H: No because I didn't think it was needed. There is just minor damage and the last time I called the cops for a minor bender, the officer said (and he quoted) Well you didn't have to call me out here for this. That's why I didn't call them.
M: Well call them now. I don't want this screwed up. Can the trunk be closed? Is it drivable? (Is that a word?)
H: Yes, the trunk is fine. The fender is cracked though.

* I cut him some slack there as I would have blanked on stuff too.

Later he calls me and asks me to call the PoPo and give them our license plate number and insurance policy number because he can't remember it and hey, it was on that handy card he gave to the girl. Sheesh. He asked her what happened when they were exchanging information he was giving away his only proof of insurance, and she said, "I forgot to put my foot on the brake." Really? Is that how it happened? I never would have guessed it went down that way. Whew. Glad that's cleared up.

When he called her, he left a message to call him at work. She did and got his voice mail which states the company he works for. Lo and behold, the man that owns this company is her great uncle. Zoinks! I'm hoping that she's embarrassed enough that she won't want her family knowing she hit an employee. On the other hand, I can totally see her using this connection to her advantage. The husband already said he will NOT involve the big boss guy even if big boss guy wants to get involved or help. That would not end well at all.

Late this afternoon, he finally gets a call back from her. She was in school all day and they don't allow cell phone use so she couldn't call. OK, I'll let that one slide. She asks if we can get an estimate and let her know what it is so she can pay it out of pocket that way her insurance doesn't go up. How, exactly, would she pay for this? Mom and dad? A couple jobs? I don't know. The husband feels a little sorry for her because he knows what it's like to have the deductible and premium go up but me? I'm still a little bitter. I'll get over it when the car is fixed and paid for.

I played the "What If" game in my head for awhile. I'm sure all parents have done this. You know how it's played. What if the kids were in the car? What if he had taken the Explorer instead? What if she was going faster? What if this screws up his back and we don't realize it or it doesn't hit him until a couple weeks from now? What if she screws us over and doesn't pay like she says she will? What if we went to her insurance (the information we finally got)? Would we screw her up big time? What if she pushed him into oncoming traffic?

I am not raising these kids alone. They'll kill me.


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