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Family Day

Today, by the grace of God, we actually went out and did something as a family. All five of us. I was trying to make the husband stay home because he's sick but when the boy declared he wanted to come with me and the girls, the husband insisted on coming. 

We went to a local town's sesquicentennial (at their police station location - useless info, I know)  and had a blast froze our asses off. It would have been spectacular had the wind not been blowing like tornado alley. We got to see McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, a couple of people dressed up as the crash test dummies (not the band, the car accident dummies), tons of police officers (rawr), firefighters and horses. I never see the horses in any action except at these things. They're never chasing a perp down Commerce. I mean come on, what do they do all day?

As we were ready to head home, I managed to misplace the van keys, the winds picked up, then the helicopter (they had it there for a us common folk to gaze at) took off and the kick up wind literally knocked my son over. Of course I didn't see it, I was still frantically searching for keys that didn't seem to exist anymore. Awesome!

I went back to the only place I thought I could have lost them and asked the guys that were cleaning up " Let's just say that I may have lost my keys. If someone found my keys and turned them in, where might they end up? I'm just wondering in case, you know, I lose my keys. At some point. Maybe today. Maybe not." They just laughed (at me? with me?) and said to check inside since, oh I don't know, it's a police station. No luck in there. I searched all over the stroller, dumped the diaper bag out, shushed the cotton candy covered 4 yr old about a dozen times that we're leaving soon. Finally I saw the husband take the boy into a porta potty and figured he would hear his phone in there for sure! So I called him. He answered and I'm pretty sure he was using the facilities as they were intended. I had him look in the green bag full of free loot they were handing out to the kids. Score! We have keys. We can go home!

I needed a nap when we got home but no, there was laundry to do, dinner to slave over in the kitchen go get from the hot deli, sick kids and husband. Like I sad, I need a nap. 

I'm getting my hair done up purty tomorrow. G and her son are coming over! Yay! It's gonna be cut short and I can't wait. Well, I can wait until 9ish when I go pick them up. Right now, I'm gonna see what I can do about this nap thing.


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