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Perpetual Motion People

I have experienced it today.

I don't think there was a time (other than when I was driving) today that my body wasn't moving. Oh let's not get crazy and think that I was exercising because that? That would get you committed to the loony bin. No, I gave up exercising last year and have been toying with the idea of starting up again but gosh, doesn't that mean I have to exert...what's that called? Energy? Yeah, that stuff? Doesn't exist in my body. I've looked. My kids have Puh-lenty of it though. If only.....

The Littlest Little had an ultrasound today and of course, we were misinformed on whether the doctor would talk to me afterwards or not. I was told he would be talking to me, the technician informed me (albeit nicely) that I would get a phone call on Monday. Awesome :::insert sarcasm::: The baby did well, was ogled by the nurses and declared so cute and oh my! Look at those chubby cheeks. Yes, thank you, I bake good looking babies. They get that cuteness from their father.

Got home from the fiasco at the hospital to learn that the Girl hasn't peed all day. I'm talking it was 2-ish when I heard this. And she screams every time she coughs and she refused to even try peeing for Grandma. This happened yesterday and I was able to talk her into trying and finally she peed. Today though was a losing battle on my part. The poor thing just screamed and screamed. I took her to the doctor yesterday for a strep test (negative - whew!) and had called them back today because she couldn't stop coughing last night and got little sleep (and my mother in law - who's awe. some. - didn't get enough sleep either since they sleep in the same room). In between the phone call and the nurse calling me back (I didn't know if I should bring her back in) we tried to pee. We screamed. We cried. I called the nurses back and (thankfully) she was screaming in the background and I was told to bring her in right away.

Now my sweet, diva-like four year old has been down this road before. This is her fifth or sixth UTI. She's had the scan on the kidneys to make sure those valve flap thingies are ok.* She remembers, almost two years later, how much it hurt to have a catheter put in. I felt her pain, believe me. So we're at the doctor's and I tell her she has to pee in the white hat**. She cries no, I say yes. Finally I just break it down. "You have to try to pee in the hat or they will put a catheter in you and I will not lie child, it will hurt worse than peeing." We got an entire specimen cup full. Yay Mama. The doc let us know it was a UTI and off we went with a script for antibiotics. 

All of this comes on the heels of taking my sister in law (Hi Fluffy!) and her Monkey to the clinic yesterday (after my older girl's appt). I had a fun time there though. The Monkey cracks me up. We picked up lunch after the appt and were pleasantly surprised that Kota got off work early so I stayed and visited for awhile. That was a good day. Today? Yeah, um not so much.

At least the day is almost over. I think I'm taking the girls to a sesquicentennial celebration. tomorrow. I'm still working on the logistics plus the pros and cons of going solo with the babe and the girl. The husband is feeling like pooh and there would be sensory overload for the boy so I would need a backup adult. Don't feel bad for either of them though, they'll get to sleep in, the husband will have something sports/politics related to watch and the boy with have his video games. I think I'll just see how I feel when I was up. I never told the girl about it so if I choose not to go, she won't be heartbroken. Ha! Mean Mama!

*totally and completely legit medical terminology. maybe.
**you know what I mean, that white thing that sits in between the toilet and the seat to catch the pee. you know it's looks like a flying nun hat (habit? habit hat?)

oh and I missed blogging yesterday, sleep won out. oh well, still only missed 5 days this year. good job self.


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