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Not Enough Booze In The House

Dudes. WTF is going on 'round here huh? I just don't get it. I thought I had some good karma comin' my way via the cutie pie baby girl I graced the world with. Clearly I was mistaken. Ya know how I had strep two weeks after having her? I will take that weekend right now please. Thanks.

Yesterday, I loaded the van with the husband, all three of our spawn and our niece. Wanna know where we went? Sure ya do! We went the Family/Children's Clinic. Woohoo!! I dropped the husband off and went to get gas with the kids (their appointments were 30 min later in the same building). When we got back to the clinic, the husband was done (shocking! usually they take an hour or so) so I left the baby and niece with him while I took our two oldest in. We left with all sorts of luggage: The husband has a sinus infection, the boy has an ear infection and the girl has a micro infection something or other. Seriously people? I blanked out by the time we got to her diagnosis because they put her on a nebulizer to help her breathing and that didn't work. Plus she was coughing non stop. And. And? She has that fabulous UTI from Sat. 

After getting all the scripts filled yesterday, I'm sure I owned part of the pharmacy. If not, I do now. Today, we discovered the Littlest Little has thrush. Sweet! :::sigh:::

Really, I love my life and it is so not as horrible as it appears on here. It's just hard to see the happy happy when the crappy crappy is right in front. 

Oooh American Idol is coming on! Sorry. Sparkly pretties distract me. I think I may actually phone in tonight to vote for Kris. :::a good sigh:::


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