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Cuteness And Too Much Info

See what I mean by Littlest Little? Kinda cute and yet sad all rolled into one little bitty foot. Someone get me a tissue.

Right before she was taken down the hall. I'm sure she's wondering what the hell is going on. 

This is when she was coming around from the sedation. It's moments like this that I wonder what they are thinking. Then I think of my other two and am glad I don't know. 

The husband went in the little door. He would.
It's too bad I didn't get a shot of that. 

All in all, she did very well. We won't get the results of the MRI until Monday. She could qualify for a study that her doctor thinks she would benefit from. It's a drug that the doctors think helps prevent potential hearing loss. In CMV positive kids, hearing loss is the most common issue that comes up. I'm torn on this and am still doing research on the drug and on CMV (as if there could be anymore information we haven't learned already on it. Good golly mister molly). She would be on the medication for six weeks and then either a placebo or the medication for another twelve weeks. They don't know that having them on the medication longer than the original six weeks does any more staving off of hearing loss. Hence the study. We just don't know if we're comfortable with her taking a medication that could prevent the hearing loss. It's not a definite. We're waiting on the results of this scan because it'll give us a better picture, so to speak, of how the CMV is effecting her brain, if it is at all. Hopefully we'll have some better direction on Monday or Tuesday. 

And none of this has a thing to do with her brain bleed. That's still an issue. Her ultrasound last Friday showed the fluid levels were the same, the ventricles had decreased some (yay!) and the bleed was still there. Now she has an ultrasound next Friday and one two weeks from then. If the levels stay the same (or go down) then she has an ultrasound once a month for two months, then if they are same/go down, once every two months. You get the idea. Here's hoping the levels cooperate and bleed goes away. If not, we're looking at her getting a shunt at some point this year. Gah. 

I've repeated myself with the ultrasound information haven't I? I'm too lazy tired to look back a few days to see if I've told ya'll this. Oh well.  

Oh, the elevator hijinks. I almost forgot. SO, I've had some wretched gas lately (sorry) and clearly, I'm not the only one. We're sitting in the very small (holds maybe 8 people) waiting room in the MRI area and the husband lets one go. We were the only ones there btw. As I'm turning to say GOOD LORD!, a technician walks by and shoots us a look that said "What the hell was that?!" I about peed myself died right there from laughing so hard. That kept us giggling for awhile. Next we were waiting for them to take her down to the machine and I let one go, it was bad. Really bad. I thought the husband was going to be ill. Oh how I laughed. Fast forward to after the MRI, we're waiting for the Littlest Little to come to. He's standing right in front of me and lets one go. Thanks honey, at least it didn't stink. Then (oh yes, there's more) we're waiting for the elevators and I started playing the trumpet. The husband said I was channeling Terrance and Phillip, that made it worse. We were getting off the elevator and I left one in there. There was a couple that got on as we were leaving and I felt bad for them. Just for a moment though. The husband said to move fast, like we're leaving the scene of a crime. Indeed

Well, the ten year old boys inside us had a great time that day. It was good to be able to laugh about something, even something remotely gross.

And stinky.


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