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See How Well That Worked Out?

Yeah that whole NaBloPoMo thing just wasn't in the books for me. I realized it when I woke up last night (one of the dozen times) and realized I was late. Bummer. Eh, I'll keep trucking along though. It'll do me some good to get back into writing (or what barely passes as writing for me).

So you've seen Magic Mike yes? I rented it the other day and um, wow. Not the wow you would think I'd be saying as a red blooded woman. Some thoughts, if you will indulge me.

  • I can't possibly be the only one that giggled through a good portion of the dance scenes. The hip thrusts in beat to the machine gun sounds? I thought I was going to pee myself. Not the result they were looking for, I'm sure. 
  • Alex Pettyfer? Sweet fancy Moses. I had a highly inappropriate dream involving Mr. Pettyfer a couple nights before renting this movie. I had no idea I would be watching the movie a couple days after the dream but I tell you, that dream sure spurred the motivation to get it from Redbox. I wish I could share the dream (since all of mine are weird and this one is no exception) but I won't do that to ya'll. 
  • Tatum Channing? Great googly moogly. Eye candy indeed. I love his slow, sensual dances but the other cheesy stuff? I just.....can't. Can't get into it the way they would've liked me to. But I would still watch him dance anytime. Also? His wife is one lucky bitch. The moves that man must have in the bedroom? Hooooo-eeeeee. 
  • I always, and I do mean always, call him Chatum Tanning when I first say his name. It's a gift.
  • Matthew McConaughey was really good at a playing sleazy, greasy haired douche bag extraordinaire. 
  • I wasn't expecting a deep storyline but uh, what the hell happened at the end there? All of a sudden, credits. Wait, what? I'm still bitter about that.

I did enjoy the movie but I giggled far more than I should have, felt embarrassed far more than I should have and that dirty old lady feeling? Yep, had that a few times. I watched the movie in my room since the kids commandeered the living room preparing for trick or treating. At one point Donovan walked in and before I could hit stop, he saw Matthew McConaughey's cheeks in his ass less chaps. He quick covered his eyes and said, "Oh God! What the? I wish I could unsee that!  MOMMY!!!" 

I need to invest in Depends.


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