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Up In Da Nort'woods Ya Know

Just a quick one tonight. We're in Big Fork right now enjoying a break with the kids and each other. It's so beautiful up here and the cabin we're staying at is phenomenal. It sleeps 15 people and yet it's just the 4 of us. It didn't work out for the rest of the family to come with us and we wish they were able to be here. The kids like the cabin a lot. There are bunk beds in one room and within a couple hours of being here, Peanut fell off the ladder, landed on the heater vent and has a lovely gash that is about 5 inches long. Fantastic hi how do you do to our vacation no?

I started to take some photos because, really? This place is great. My camera card though is somewhere in the house 4 hours away. Only 30 pictures fit on the internal memory. Nice. I broke out the cell phone and took some craptastic ones with that. I'll post those when I get home.

At first the computer wasn't working and I thought I would have to buck up and live without the good old WWW but lo and behold, here we are, all caught up on blogs and emails.

My mom had hip replacement surgery on Wednesday morning and my dad told me today that she was coming home tonight. Rather odd since she was only in the hospital for 2.5 days not counting the actual surgery. I called the hospital to talk to her but she was in physical therapy so I asked her nurse how she was doing. Apparently there was a low blood pressure problem earlier this morning that they got under control. She wasn't sure now if mom was coming home today and I told her to be sure to call my dad with the info because he was under the impression that when he was done with work at 7 that he would be going to get her. Now it's midnight and I have tried to get a hold of them at 9, 10 and 11. I'm a worry wart to begin with but when I can't get a hold of them at this time of night? That pretty much sends me over the edge. I'm officially freaking out. Hopefully I can get in touch with my dad tomorrow morning. I sure hope everything is ok.

Oh and we got 5 inches of snow at home. Sweet. (Insert sarcasm there) and yes, I know the measly 5 we got in the cities doesn't compare to the ten inches my friends in Milwaukee got. All I have to say is, better you than me. I feel the pain for them. New Years Eve last year I made the husband come get me at work because we got 8 inches of snow while I was there. Have I mentioned that I don't like snow and driving? I've lived in the Midwest for over 20 years. I should be used to it and yet I'm not. I'm telling you right now, it's the two years I lived in Tucson. That gloriously hot, dry sun drenched place spoiled me. There will be no retiring there though as the husband hates the heat. Hmph.

So much for this being a quick post. Were you really expecting one? Ok, you were.


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