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A Couple Things Cause I'm Trying To Work A Nap In

I love that this woman's children honored her wish.

I was told several times in the last two days that I'm beautiful, crazy, cute, have a stinky butt and am really good at this part of Super Mario Brothers on the Wii (and you have to say that whole thing, that's the title of the game). I'd like to say the husband told me the nice things there but I think we all know which ones told me them all.

My favorite story about Dar:

Young man comes up to the service desk with a pack of condoms. Asks for a pack of smokes. Dar asks for his ID. He looks at her weird. She says (in all of her nonchalant-ness) "Honey, I don't care if you're having sex, I just want to make sure you're old enough for the cigarettes." Poor kid was probably mortified but I can totally picture her saying this. I can hear her voice right now and see the smile on her face. Priceless.

One of the guys described her perfectly. She would get a crabby butt customer, big ole' jerk. She would make the customer happy. He would thank her for being so nice but you know that he would get a half mile down the road and think to himself, hey she wasn't all that nice to me!
She had that ability to make you stop being a jerk and leave happy only to realize that she was calling you out on it and you were too dumb to notice until you got home.

My phone died the other day and I called my provider to have them reset the phone for the third time. It's in my BIL's name and I have the last 4 of his SSN so I can take of things as they are needed. I get Bob on the phone, he asks my name, I tell him and he says I'm not authorized to speak to anyone about the phone. I explain nicely that my BIL gave me his SSN so that I can take care of things. He says "Well that's fantastic but I still can't talk to you" I told Bob that he was being a jerk and he denied it. He was pulling the "kill them with kindness" shit on me. I wasn't having that. I told him that I don't appreciate him talking to me as if I was stupid. My light may be on dim sometimes but it's not out. I said "Honey I've been in retail for 16 years, I know how things work. Don't pull that shit on me. I have authorization, it says it in the file so click you little fingers on the keyboard and pull the information up. If you can't do this for me then give me to someone who can. I don't like your attitude towards a 6+ years customer and yes, I am being a bitch and no you may not get a word in." Then I stopped talking and he said he would give me to someone in the tech dept. 3 minutes later my phone was fixed thanks to a kid who marveled that we've been with them for so long. So impressed with that whole 6 years that he deemed it necessary to tell me he was probably watching the Power Rangers back then. Thanks kid. Thanks a lot.

One last thing.......I want another baby.


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