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I'll Change My Mind Approximately 43 Times Before The Day Comes

Today I had an OB visit, all is going well. She asked if I had any concerns and immediately three came to mind:

  1. Pain - I don't like it and I'm certain if it knew me outside of the delivery room, it would not be friends with me. I can count on that, I'm sure. I can't have an epidural because I have two herrington steel rods in my back. With Monkey Boy, I had a PCA (patient controlled analgesic) that sorta did the trick. It took the edge off but it was still brutal. With Peanut, I had fentanyl and that sucked the big one when it came to taking pain away. I bow down before any woman who has gone drug free during labor and delivery. It's not me. As much as I would love to not use anything, I know my limits and I know what I can handle on my own. A bowling ball coming out what used to be a lima bean sized hole? That, I cannot handle without some sort of painkiller. The doc said she would have one of the anesthesiologists come and talk to me long before I have the baby so that we can figure out what we're going to do. I know I don't want to do the fentanyl again because of the craptastic result we had before. They don't do vaginal blocks anymore so that idea was shot down. Gah! What did you do about pain relief, if you did anything? (and if you did nothing and had the bambino au natural, I'll be over soon to kiss your feet)
  2. Going into labor at work - Don't laugh now, this is a really big fear for me. Dare I say, more so than the whole pain in my vagina part. First of all, I work at a grocery store. I am so scared that everything will start while I'm at work. I've had nightmares about it. No lie. I woke up in a sweat last week because I had visions of the guys having to clean up my water (if you know what I mean and I know you ladies do; you guys? ask your ladies) Also, there is not a single soul in that store that I would let near my junk. Well, the GM manager; she's about the only one. I've had nightmares about this too, that my assistant manager/manager on duty/anyone else that works there is going to have to deliver this child. I told one of my friends that I should just have a couple of large towels in my locker. If I go into labor, I'm just gonna lock myself in the bathroom and spread out one towel for me to sit/lay on and deliver the kid myself. Then I'll wrap the baby in the other towel and cry until the ambulance gets there. That's my plan at least. Let's keep in mind that my plans always fail.
  3. Delivering in the car - This is the biggest fear out of all three (well ok, not the pain one, duh). We live at least 40 minutes from the hospital. We have to deliver here if we want both insurances to cover it. I fear birthing this one in the car because my labor and delivery with my other two was blessedly short (please don't hate me). The OB says it's a real possibility that this one will go faster. Thanks for the pep talk doc. Not working. God forbid I go into labor in the early morning hours, say between O'dark thirty am and 9 am. I'll for sure have the kid in the car. Rush hour will be my nemesis, I can see it now. The nurses said to leave for the hospital at the first sign of true labor contractions. The worst they'll do is send me home. I'm thinking that maybe I should move in with my sister in law the last week or so since she lives 10 minutes from the hospital. Also, do we take the car that has leather seats (easy clean up) or the van, which is upholstered and therefore would require us explaining what happened to the detailer. Hmm. Decisions.

So after regaling my great fears, she said we can always look at inducing at 39 weeks. If everything is progressing well and the baby is healthy and growing the way she should be, the doc said it's a real possibility. I've been considering what she said. I know some people frown upon those who schedule when they are having their child. In certain cases, I'm one of those people. I can be judgemental that way. Too bad. I'm starting to think this will work out best for all involved. I can plan the time off from work as can the husband. I can make definite arrangements with the kids. Mandyland can make her flight arrangements to come home for the birth and Fluffy can request the day off to help a sister out.

What do ya'll think? Me? I think my title says it all.


Sarah O said…
I say, as you have had a rough go of it so far, you should schedule it so as you do not worry anymore. With the rods in your back etc., play it safe.
Sarah O said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steph said…
Just keep in mind that everyone I have spoke to says, that being induced, hurts far worse and is far more extreme than going naturally, and you have a much higher chance of a complication resulting in a c-section. JMO on it and based on what I have read/heard statistically.
Lindsey said…
You have had the same drug they use to induce, haven't you? Pitocin? I thought it was part of your IV mix with Donovan. Personally, I think you should go ahead and schedule it. It may make it a little more painful (I remember from Dyl and Naya) but you'll live through it.
I don't know. I never made it anywhere near 39 weeks so my initial instinct is to tell you that you will most likely go into labor before that.

But who knows?

Do what feels right.

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