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Paid Vacation! Yes!

So I had an interview on Thursday and was offered a job on the spot. Nothing fancy. Same job as the last one but I think I may be booted up to Customer Service Manager. That's what it sounded like but I won't know for sure until next week when I go in for orientation. I get to watch 3 hours of videos again. Yay! Ooh if they send me for a drug test, I should probably tell them I'm on the happy pills. I don't like poppy seeds so I don't have to worry bout that. It pays pretty decent and it looks like I'll be full time. I told them I could work some midnight shifts and holidays - I'm pretty sure those sealed the deal for me. I start in a couple weeks and Oooh....they are the same union as my last place so I don't have to pay the enrolling fee or whatever it is again! Saved me $50 right there. So yay, a break/mini vacation from the kids and I get paid. I like this. Seriously though, working after I had Monkey Boy and Peanut truly saved my sanity and probably my marriage. I get to talk to people that are potty trained**, intelligent and not under 3 feet tall speaking in some language that only others their size understands.

During the race tonight....
Me: Honey, where's Jr running?
Husband and Monkey Boy answer at the same time.
Husband: In the back, his car sucks tonight.
Monkey Boy: I don't know Mamma. He's over there. (Pointing at the pillow)

** If they aren't potty trained, I don't want to know.


Les Becker said…
Cool! Monkey Boy's Imaginary Friend is a NASCAR driver? When I was a kid, I got stuck with some Unknown Imaginary Friend from the gutter who called herself "Sally". Some kids have all the luck...
JerseyTjej said…
I was so worried about you!!!! Isn't it funny how we become coonnected by way of the internet? Send Peanut and MonkeyBoy to Sweden...I will baby sit for free for you!
NaughtyVoyeur said…
I was browsing blogs to see if anyone else called their child Monkey Boy :) I write about mine, also. Congrats on the new job, changes are always fun and usually just what you needed.

Your children are beautiful :) Tell your monkey my monkey said 'eek'... or whatever monkeys say.
Trish said…
Les - Monkey Boy loves Dale Jr. He thinks he's in our house all the time. Of course, today he was Mr. Crabs from Spongebob and this afternoon he was Buzz Lightyear. And we HAVE to call him by those names.

Jersey - If I'm sending anyone to Sweden it's gonna be me! Though I would bring the kidlets with.

Naughty - Love the name! Thank you, when strangers say the kids are beautiful, I feel the warm fuzzies. Ya know how family kinda HAS to say it? So thank you, we agree.

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