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61-80 The Hair Edition

80. 18 and Life - Skid Row
I'm convinced that if we have another boy his name will be Sebastian. Did anyone watch Supergroup? Love him even more after he showed his emotions regarding his father passing. I cried along with him. Just stop the drinking Baz, you'll be ok.

79. We Are The Dinosaurs - Laurie Berkner
Even if you don't have children, please for the love of all things holy, watch the video. I love the song more now because of the video but also because my neice and daughter sing it so cute. I'll have to put those videos up.

78. All That She Wants - Ace of Base
I have no clue why I like it, I'm sure there will be more of these kinds of selections. Sorry.

77. Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
This one always makes me think of the sailors at the bowling alley in Great Lakes. I had so many crushes and my poor father had a heart attack with a couple of the guys I did date. Sorry Pops.

76. Rock Me - Great White
Once Bitten was overplayed I think. This one always got me moving.

75. Don't Close Your Eyes - Kix
Wow, um, depressing. Ok, upbeat next!

74. Cat's In The Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe
I was gonna go with "Everything About You" but this one has more meaning. I had a lot of friends who felt like this about their fathers and sadly, they all probably had issues with them all the way into adulthood.

73. Touch Me - Samantha Fox
Trashy version of Lita Ford. Gotta love it.

74. Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
Speaking of Lita....I think this is when all my stoner guy friends said that Ozzy sold out. And they would bang Lita if given the chance.

73. Girls On Film - Duran Duran
Mmmm, Taylor boys and Simon? Where do we sign up?

72. Janie's Got A Gun - Aerosmith
I was late getting on the Aerosmith bandwagon. After I heard this I checked out some older stuff and was digging it.

71. Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode
This would have made my album list. I wore out my cassette of it in Germany. Good times.

70.* Sullivan - Caroline's Spine
A totally underappreciated band. I love songs that tell a story without all the beating around the bush. You know what happens here and I love the music.

69. * Everything Falls Apart - Dog's Eye View
I'm pretty sure I wore out this section of the cassette. Just that one section though..

68. Roxanne - The Police
Rooooooooooxane! Who doesn't love that? The 70's rocked.

67. I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
I love old school Springsteen. I used to sing "Born In The USA" and even had a blue mid riff tank that said it in white writing. Then one of my classmates pointed out that I had been born not in the USA but in Germany. Add to the fact that it was still West Germany and I had some picking on going on. I ran home swearing I would never sing that song again lest it make me a liar. Nevermind that I've come up with much worse lies than that one but that's another blog entry all together. Moving right along..............

66. Sex Bomb - Tom Jones
This song is cool. Sung by Tom Jones, makes it a little campy. Accompanied by this video? Oh. My. God. The fake muscles look like crap but oh. my. lord. in. heaven. Those hips? The moving of those hips? Put a bag over his face or shut out the lights and I am so there.

65. 3am Eternal - KLF
Oh to be back in Germany at the clubs.

64. Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
Listen to the song without looking at the video. Then watch the video. You wouldn't like it if you saw the video first huh? Well, I wouldn't have. I think I had 6 different club versions of this song. I still have the "maxi" single which always made me think of getting more Tampons.

63. Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
I love songs that are great sing alongs. I didn't even get that it was a racial harmony song until my dad pointed it out to me (in my defense, I was 8 or 9 when it came out)

62. The Right Stuff - New Kids On The Block
Jonothan Knight much? Yeah not so much now. What was I thinking? My Peanut loves this song. Monkey Boy likes the next one.

61. Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
I love a girl that owns her "dirrty"ness and makes no apologies for it. She's a phenomenal singer.

I warned ya'll that my musical tastes are questionable at best.

* there aren't videos for these songs but they rock none the less


graymama said…
"Put a bag over his face or shut out the lights and I am so there."


Keep them coming :-)
I think "marching" was one of Ian's first words. We love the dinosaurs too.

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