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81-100 Be Prepared.... say, "What the frickin frack is she smoking over there? and why is she not sharing?" I am such a goofy goober. I can't possibly list 100 of my favorite songs. Putting them in order? Fuhgeddaboutit. I'm just gonna go balls to the walls and list the first 100 I can think of. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will look back on the list and go "What the shit is that on there for?". I'm sure I'll get tired of looking for videos for these as well or I'll get bored with artist videos and pick some weird shit. Also, I'm limiting myself to 3 songs by one artist. If I really like more than three, well, call the Pope cause a miracle has occured.

That being said, in no particular order, numbers 81-100 of my top 100 songs.

100. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing - Chris Issak
This song makes me think naughty thoughts and my husband is ok with that. TMI I know, sorry.

99. Because The Night - Natalie Merchant
One of the few songs that I feel confident I can sing loudly but still not in front of people, not even my husband, unless I was drunk and then, well hell, anything could happen.

98. Red, Red, Wine - UB40
This was written by Neil Diamond? Reason alone to love it. Makes me miss high school. Yikes.

97. You Make Me Wanna - Usher
I used to listen to this song when I was pissed at my (now) ex boyfriend*. I had a crush big time on a co worker of mine (we made out a couple times but I always felt bad even though the idiot** and I had broken up already. Plus the boy*** I was flirting with was super religious and I felt like I was damning him to hell for getting in cohorts with me, the shedevil temptress that I was - HA! I almost got that out without laughing out loud). Anywhoo, I used to want to do things to Usher. Not so much now.

96. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
I defy you to listen to that song and NOT sing along. Go ahead, I'll wait. Had to sing a couple lines huh? I sang the whole thing and chair danced too. Oh you know chair dancing: When you are waaaaaaaaay too rythmically challenged to dance on your feet so you dance in your chair. I kick ass dancing from the waist up. My feet don't like moving much at a bar.

95. Here And Now - Luther Vandross
My prom theme song from 1988. I went alone. No photos. Dumb boy said no to going. At the last minute. Asshat. I have the dress still and it's screaming 1980's. Wanna see?

94. Du Hast Mich - Rammstein
The lead singer scares me/kinda turns me on. Is that wrong? I used to think it meant You Hate Me but alas, I cannot sprechen deutsch like I thought I could sprechen. I think I can sprechen, just not read it. Or translate it. Who knows what the hell I say in German? Not me, that's for sure. Nine.

93. Aenema - Tool
Love it. I miss my friend Doc, he got me into this group. He scared people sometimes but we loved him and he protected me from scary internet guys. Oh the stories from the AOL days. Oh yes indeed.

92. Black Cat - Janet Jackson
I owned a cd import (though I bought it while I was IN Germany so it should be an EXport) and it had 12 remix versions. It sold in Tucson for $18 bucks. I wish I still had that thing. The money I could make on eBay. Damn.

91. Imagine - John Lennon

90. (Something About) The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John
On the cd single remake of Candle in the Wind when Princess Diana died. I like this song better and bought two more copies of the single so that I had one unopened and one to replace the worn out one. I keep telling you guys I'm a freak.

89. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
My one and only karoake song. I would kill them singing this. And I mean that in a good way.

88. Under Pressure - David Bowie
Vanilla Ice ripped the song and he knows it.

87. Go Rest High - Vince Gill
When I die, I want this played at my funeral. Beautiful.

86. Pour Me - Trick Pony
This one can be played then too. This should be my theme song after a tough night at work.

85. Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
Another one that I could sing aloud and be ok with my version. It wouldn't get me on American Idol but ya know.

84. You Dropped A Bomb On Me - The Gap Band
The 70's rocked the house!

83. Cradle of Love - Billy Idol
I remember feeling naughty watching this video. Like it was porn or something. Rawr!

82. My Immortal - Evanescence
One of my top ten's for sure. I love her voice. So haunting no matter what she's singing.

81. Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
This song makes me cry and fantasize about Duncan MacCleod, of the clan MacCleod. Not at the same time, mind you. Duncan is Yum-mmm-my.

* of course he's my ex. I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that. Duh.
** the idiot and I are friends. He knows he screwed up. All the idiots I dated know that. Wow, when I say all that sure sounds bad.
*** He wasn't a boy but he was younger than me so he's a boy. Not that much younger, sheesh.


Songs, huh?

Man, I guess I've got a new project to work on for when I finish this album thing.

(I'm pretty sure Springsteen wrote "Becuase the Night" - great song.)
JerseyTjej said…
you owe me for my bottom 2 front teeth and my brand new upper implants that I cracked while looking at your damn 100 favorite songs. WHF? I only made it to number 90?
graymama said…
So when are you going to burn a cd for me and pass the smokey?

Did you invade my brain or my favorites on youtube?

Can't wait for the next 20! This is like watching VH1's I love the 80s and 90s.
graymama said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
justacountrygrl said…
Could ya hear me singing? Could ya?
Ice, ice baby...


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