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I Don't Think This Was In The Sermon

Speaking of Jesus is coming......Someone needs to tell the lady driving the red neon this info.

The Captain and his dad were going up north to work on fencing in property the family has up there. They pull into the SA for some gas and treats. There is one spot open that would accomodate the truck and trailer but some lady has parked her Neon about 4 feet from the pump. My FIL parked about a foot away from the pump he was at. So now they are next to each other at the pumps. She goes to get in her car and hits my FIL's truck with the door. He was washing the back window and looked around the corner at her. He came up to her car and smacked his hand on the trunk and said "What do you think you're doing?". Oh. My. God. This lady, wait, no, this broad, goes into the station and starts yelling at the employees that some jerk just hit her car and she wants them to do something about it while she takes down the license plate and calls the cops. The Captain was in there and didn't see what happened but he figured it out after some ranting on her part. My FIL was parked as close to the pump as he could be and had no opportunity to hit her car. The Captain finally perked up and asked her what she expected when she parked 4 feet away from her pump. She let loose a barrage of naughty words and informed the staff, my husband and all the other customers, who were chuckling under their breaths, "Is this how you all treat people? Like crap? You all need to go to fucking church! That's what you need!" I will grant her that this was a Sunday around noon time. Perhaps they all did need some church but um, I don't think for the reasons she was thinking. The guy in front of the Captain finally couldn't hold it in (after the broad's second trip in the building to bitch and swear about f'ing church) and he stuck his head out the door and screamed, "Is that what they teach you in church?? What would Jesus say about that?". I'm telling ya people, ya gotta look busy. J-Man is coming and he sees all.

We discovered on the 4th of July that our small, residential street (that usually holds 10-15 cars on a daily basis) can hold approximately 75-80 cars. People were parked on the grass next to full parking spots at the park next door. The neighbor across the street has a 3 car garage and he had no fewer than 20 cars parked over there. It was insane. If we didn't have all of our vehicles home, I'm sure they would have tried to take a spot in our driveway. Yikes.

Janelle and Jase won the dual HOH. They have to agree on the noms or they go up. Dani suggested having Jase disagree then voting out Jani but that backfired and Dani and Ali went up. Jani won the POV. I've been watching the live feeds but so far nothing exciting.

I'm not in a "good and funny posting" kind of mood. Perhaps later after work.


Les Becker said…
LOL! Even Jesus would have found that funny!
graymama said…
This story was so hilarious, I just had to read it to Hubby!

It reminds me of the t-shirt that says "Jesus Save Me From Your Followers."
JerseyTjej said…
SEEE!!!! I TIÃ’LD you not to change the title!!!'
I can't believe that she had the nerve to incorporate the Lord in to her tyrade...*bowing head and kneeling before keyboard...Hail Mary, full of grace...*

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