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I'm Sorry, That's Incorrect. It Was Not In The Form Of A Question.

From Les -

1: Which "era" was you? I hit the teen screams in the 80's, (oooh - the painted on denim, sparkly headbands on the forehead, tuxedo shirts and, yes, the Great BIG HAIR!!!) and I'm thinking it was you talked about your "embarassing heart-throb music", no...?

I graduated in 91 but I'll always feel like an 80's kid. I had the tidal wave bangs, stirrup pants, Cabbage Patch Kids, LA Style Hairspray (I'm fairly certain my crowd of friends {of the male and female persuasion} contributed significantly to the ozone hole), Headbanger's Ball (with sucky Adam Curry who by the way apparantly created some Podcast program. So some VJs DO have a life after MTV. Who'da thunk it?), mad crush on Jani Lane and oh hell, I'll admit, all of the hairband "metal" groups. I was also into cruising the mall and actually buying something, watching DeGrasssi Jr. High but the old school version. Oh and 21 Jumpstreet? I had posters of Johnny Depp and Kirk Cameron on my wall. Oh those Growing Pains. I could go on for hours. I'll delve more into my 80's another time if anyone cares.

2: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have always wanted to be a mom. I didn't go to college because I couldn't afford it, didn't want to owe the government money for 30 years and frankly, I knew I was going to be a SAHM and why waste the money going to school, getting a degree and not using it for 18-20 years? Yeah. I'll go to school when they are in school and we'll see what happens.

3: Do you feel "grown up", yet?

Sometimes I feel like an old soul or like I need a morning and afternoon nap (ala my Gramma Lulu) but for the most part, I still feel like a kid. My kids have a huge part of that on their shoulders. It's all their fault and that's ok.

From GrayMama -

Paper or plastic?

It's a complicated question with many factors and scenerios:

Is there ice cream, yogurt or milk involved?
Are there children involved?
Do you have to climb stairs?
Do you need an extra 4 sets of hands thanks to kids?

I tell ya, it's not so easy.

I go with paper bags, with the handles if possible cause those rock. No handles, then paper IN the plastic so I can carry 10 up at a time while corralling Monkey Boy up the steps in front of me. If it's late at night and I can't fill a whole paper bag, I'll go with plastic. ALWAYS seperate the beef from the chicken. Always.


Les Becker said…
Lol! I couldn't quite get "on" to Kurt Cameron - I was still getting over Alan Thicke... He's Canuckian, eh?

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