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It's All About The Numbers

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah tagged me today. Hopefully it won't take me 4hours to do this one. I promise I'll have more of the song list in the next couple days.

(Just as I finished that sentence, my son started to pee on the couch, I had to wrestle him to the bathroom, praise his peeing in the chair, help him wash his hands, keep his sister from sticking her head in the toilet and her fingers in the fan THEN I had to open the video store for Mr. I Wanna Watch That And I Don't Want To Be Scared (whatever that means). He changed his mind about 7 times, I threatened to take them all away and he selected Snow White. Or as he calls it, "The Lady and The Apple Movie".)

(I just typed THAT out and he's scared of the Lady and the Apple. I told him to wait for the dwarves cause dwarves are funny. [I mean that in a non offensive way] I had to stand in there and wait for whatever scary part it was to pass [the witch was talking to her mirror - terrifying I know] I passed the time putting a few loads of their laundry away. It's much easier to just leave it all in the baskets but yeah, the wrinkles. No 18mo old of mine will wear wrinkled sundresses. HA! Almost had the straight face there. I'm lucky if there isn't Kool-Aid on the outfit and/or the kids. I think I'm ready to do this meme now.)

(I think)

Five items in my freezer
1. Pop Ice - about 12 right now, and those won't last too long past dinner.
2. A sausage on a stick wrapped in a pancake (think corndog look) that's been in there alone way too long for me to eat it.
3. Cookie dough that we got from a school fundraiser that is made for kids and yet I don't let the boy even know it exists. We'll wait 'til it's not 90 degrees in the house.
4. Sausage links, 4 boxes for $5.00 on sale through Saturday. I like mine a little burnt.
(Time to break up a fight - be right back - I hear Peanut's maniacal laugh now)
(He wanted me to get his sister off of HER bed. Yeah, no, not happening Sparky)
5. Mint chocolate chip, cookie dough and strawberry sundae ice creams

(You can NOT shut the door to the bedroom when your sister is screaming to get out! OPEN THE DOOR!)

Five items in the closet:
1. A Dale Jr. drill set
2. Emmit Smith jersey
3. Minnesota Wild jersey (next to the Duck's one that I'm really not sure how was aquired)
4. A Victoria's Secret handle bag full of my husband's ties
5. 2 lawn chairs (folded up of course)

Five items in the car
1. Booster seat
2. Kelly Clarkson cd (Shut up)
3. Approx 75 business cards from the last place my husband worked at as well as about oh, 150 brochures for potential clients. I think he can toss those. I don't dare though because God forbid if he wanted them.
4. A plastic bag for all of my pop/soda cans
5. A cast iron framed kid's size bench that the husband asked me to take out of the trunk last week so as not to wreck the trunk. Whoops.

Five items in my backpack (it was last used for that fateful Iowa trip)
1. Umbrella
2. An old issue of People magazine
3. A can of Diet Coke w/ Lime
4. A sketchbook
5. Sunscreen for the kids

Five people I tag
(Just rescued a toy from the toilet, thank you Peanut. Was also informed by the boy that he's "Going Ghost" again. I'm telling you, The Queen's son and mine are supposed to be friends.)
1. Georgia
2. Kelly
3. Jordan
4. Tina
5. Sarah O

Since it was going to take me close to the above mentioned 4 hours to finish this, I figured I would go ahead and put in links cause sometimes I go link crazy on top of my already screwed up paranoid schitzo crazy. And I can make fun of paranoia and schitzos cause I am one so there!)


Queen of Spain said…
Oh yes. Oh yes. they are. Someday. Maybe they'll end up at the same college or something?
I am Emmit Smith.

Does anyone else thing about that commercial every time someone mentions Emmit Smith?

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