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Lord, Help Us All

Things that I absolutely can't stand
  1. When I ask someone "What's wrong?" and I get nothing back. Not "Nothing". I mean nothing. No response, no shrug. Just a blank stare. Well, that's something I guess.
  2. When someone tails me while I'm going the speed limit in a speed trap zone.
  3. When I put my signal light on with plenty of time for the ass above to slow down and then they come literally within an inch or so of hitting me and then get pissed and flip me off. Ya know what Sparky? I have no air in my car or house, my period's coming and it's hotter than hell outside. Did I mention I was wearing hot (not ooh she's hot hot) jammie pants cause I haven't shaved in two weeks and you can see the forest blooming on my legs? Yeah that tends to add to the bitter and anger. BACK OFF.
  4. Communication. Communication. Communication. I have to tread lightly here so I don't get in trouble. I try to communicate with people. When they don't want to talk back or share thoughts or feelings, I really hope they don't get pissed when I shut the hell up. I'm tired of trying and I'm simply not doing it anymore. No more small talk. I don't know what else to do. If people aren't going to like me for whatever reason, that's their problem. I like me, I'm from a different place and ya know what? They like me there too.
  5. I'm also tired of sharing deep emotional feelings. I'm not doing that anymore either.

I thought I would feel better after this but no, I don't. Not at all. Great.

To cheer everyone up......

I love this clip for several reasons. It's That 70's Show. I love Kitty, I want to pee my pants when she laughs. Red kills me. He kinda reminds me of my dad and my uncles rolled into one. The best part is towards the end. We're from Minnesota. I hate the Packers. It made the clip that much funnier for me.


Les Becker said…
I hope you feel better soon, Trish - I really think it must be the heat.. everybody on the planet that's dealing with weirder-than-usual heat seems to be on edge and apt to cry at the drop of a sunhat (weak little Haha).

Thanks for the Brady Boys "That 70's Show". It's my absolute favourite TV show - I hadn't seen this episode, don't have cable or a dish, and could only get it by stealing it online until we managed to buy the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD sets. You've cheered me up even though I'm sitting here naked trying to figure out what else I can take off that will make me feel cooler. Do you think clipping my nails will help? Cuz otherwise, I may have to shave my head.
justacountrygrl said…
Ohhh I love That 70s Show!!!

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