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This, That, And Some Questions Maybe?

Dear Asshats and Dipshit Broads,
The heat wave is over. Get the hell out of my store and my line.
Your Loverly Cashier

Earlier this morning:
Monkey Boy: Mommy, I have to go potty (doing the dance)
Mommy: Ok, let's go to the bathroom

(I'm now sitting on his potty chair and he's gracing the porcelien one with his pudgy tush. A crow caws in the yard next door - loudly)
MB: What was that Mommy?
M: A crow. They say caw caw (MB is doing his duty - I said duty. hehe and you can hear each load being released)
MB: What was that Mommy?
M: The crow again
MB: The crow in my butt?
M: Oh wait, if the noise came from there then no, it's your butt not a crow.
MB: You don't want to see my poop Mommy.
M: That is correct my son.
MB: We get poop at the store?
M: Uh, not my store.
MB: Oh no Mommy, poop is berry berry tinky. I don't want to get it.
M: Good choice little man, good choice.
MB: I love you Mommy
M: I love you too honey. Now hurry up and poop. My knees are killing me sitting this low to the ground.

Ok so I don't really have an audience for this blog (unlike in my head where everyday 1629 people come everyday and have the most wonderful laugh filled glorious time) but I was thinking that maybe I would field some questions that anyone might have. If there's something you want to know, I will answer it, I promise. I may not give you the answer you want but an answer you will get.

Also, Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah, is awesome. She always has these cool things on her site. This looked like fun. I started to think about it. Yeah I don't think that I can do this. I'm one of those people who rarely buys an entire CD. There are very few artists out there that I like enough to buy an entire album. I own entirely waaay too many singles (on cassette, vinyl and cd cause I'm that much of a dork). Even when I worked in management at a music store, I would only get a few full length regular cds. Imports and singles I would buy a crapload of. I've decided that I'm going to do my Top 100 Songs. That way I can include soundtrack songs. Hell, I'll even try to find videos of them online (i.e. YouTube will see a sudden increase in traffic flow all thanks to my three, wait no, four readers!)

ok I think I'm done. I'll try to have 100-80 tonight.


JerseyTjej said…
You blew it, chicka! Yesterday was David" I been lookin for freedom" Hasselhoffs birthday! Now THAT would have been a few thousand clicks for you!
Put some bread crumbs out for the crows in MB's butt! LOL!
Les Becker said…
Questions?! *I* have questions!

1: Which "era" was you? I hit the teen screams in the 80's, (oooh - the painted on denim, sparkly headbands on the forehead, tuxedo shirts and, yes, the Great BIG HAIR!!!) and I'm thinking it was you talked about your "embarassing heart-throb music", no...?

2: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

and 3: Do you feel "grown up", yet?

And, trust me - there may only be a few of us that comment, but that almost always means you have HUNDREDS of lurkers. I'm not kidding.
graymama said…
I can't wait until Buddy tells me he loves me while taking a shit :-P

Can't wait to see your music list!


Paper or plastic?
Do you want to know what my favorite part of the day today was?

Coming here and reading the sentance "Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah is awesome".

Thank you.


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