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The Heavens Parted And The Lord Smiled Upon Me

Now I'm not that religious of a Broad. I do what I can praying-wise and I try not to say God dammit (pardon me Lord) but I need to take a moment to thank the Lord, JC, Jehovah, Alla, The Dali Lama, a Buddha or two and whoever else I can think of later. Oh and Greg Wiggle. I have to thank him.

I received this email today:


My name is Elizabeth and I totally stumbled onto your blog today by accident. I was doing a Google search for Greg Page from the Wiggles and ended up on your page. I couldn't stop myself from reading and feel like you are a kindred spirit!
The primary reason I wanted to email you was because I felt your pain with the elusive Dale Jr purse - I know they sell them on, but I'm not sure if they sell them in pink. It might be worth contacting them to find out!

She also added: We have an 18 month old daughter - which explains the search for Greg from the Wiggles.

This very nice woman was feeling my heartache and pain. I was so touched. The next email in line was this:

Hello again!

I also just found a pink Dale Jr purse on Ebay:

Item # 260071193010

SHE FOUND MY PURSE! I can't possibly put into words what this did to me emotionally, mentally and physically. I almost fell out of my chair and I'm fairly certain I squealed out loud like Wilbur. Sorry neighbors, it was just me, no animal killings were happening. I was shaking with excitement (it's my purse, right there!!), filled with fear (did I add the new card to PayPal and if not, is it gonna take 3 days to approve it?) and hesitation (will the Captain approve?). Well, I wasn't really concerned about the Captain, he would get over it. And no, I didn't add the new card but when I did, it approved it right away. I'm still almost bouncing out of my seat.

I could have bid on the purse but there was the concern that I wouldn't be able to beat whatever the final bid would be plus the auction ended in 4 days. I couldn't possibly wait that long to know if I got my purse or not. I bought it outright for only $35 plus shipping. That's half the price in the stores. I made it a point to include that in my shpeel to the Captain. At the end of the day the Broad gets her purse and is muey muey happy.

So, thank you Elizabeth!! I can't tell you how happy you have made me and really, let's be honest here, my husband too 'cause I was whining about the purse all day the last two days. I don't think he could have taken much more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ok, you guys can go back to whatever you were doing before. I'm going to watch a movie with my husband.


Wow. That is good karma.

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