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The Captain and I had a date last night. A double date with my sister in law and her husband. Oh. My. God. I had waaaaay too much fun. I haven't laughed that hard or that much in so long. It's amazing what visuals of certain people nekkid can do to a person mentally. It was fab.

We went to see an amazing movie. I didn't think I was going to like it. Thought it would be a cheap ripoff or lesser quality storyline wise than other movies. I was pleasantly surprised. The Captain was not surprised that the teenage boys behind us would not shut. the. hell. up. There's a scene near the beginning of the movie that is, how shall I say, really not one that boys who should be so lucky to ever have a woman want to do those things to him should be watching. They giggled every time a boob showed up. Hot chick? Nipplegate? Did they need a moment to figure out why they had "those" feelings? Did they need a cleanup? I just didn't want to sit in front of them. I don't need extra conditioner thank you very much. Go see the movie. Sit far from the kids. Oh and hey, leave the 2 year old and 8 year old at home. Good Lord people. There is a thought process to deciding whether to bring the kidlets. It's not a tough one. Gah!!

BW3s (OK it's not called that anymore but it forever will be that to me) is so much fun. We play trivia, drink, eat and eat and eat. While we were enjoying torturing Puffy with visuals of nekkid people, the place was taken over by teens. Everywhere. From Buffalo. Not New York. Minnesota. The boys high school basketball team won state. We saw purple and black everywhere. On togas, do-rags (sp?) and itsy bitsy shirts that the hoochies ladies girls were wearing. "Oh mah gawd" "Oh totally" "Dude hold up, wait, wait no" My 22 year old sister in law said the problem with kids these days is no respect for others. Then she lamented that she actually said that out loud only being 5 years older than them. It was funny. Needless to say, there was plenty to make fun of with that group.

I really need to take notes or write stuff down when I think of it because I had a couple other things I wanted to tell ya'll about too. Oh well. 3 signs of Alzheimer's. Memory loss and I forget the other two.

Early birthday shout out to Amanda B. - We miss you Amanda and really, you need to come to the Cities. It's more fun than Madison. True story.


Okay, the link didn't work for me and now I still don't know what movie was good.

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