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Million Dollar Woman? No, $100 Plastic Woman I Think

Thank you to everyone that sent along their good wishes. It meant a lot to me. I went back to work Tuesday and I think perhaps I should have taken it easy one more day. My thighs are still hurting but they feel better than where the iv was. Seriously? Did they leave part of the iv catheter thingy thing in there? I compare how it feels to my other wrist topside and there's something there. And it hurts. A lot. You know when they put the iv needle in, then take the needle out leaving the plastic "vessel" type who ha in there? Yeah, that thing. I think it's in there. Or part of it. It's rock hard and hurts like hell. There's some minor tingling in my hand but nothing to cause concern. It's not blue or freezing cold so that's a plus. Hmph. It'll be a week tomorrow. Monday I'm calling someone's ass to find out what the dealio is.

Is it wrong that my mother in law and I have been too lazy tired to cook dinner for the children and ourselves so we ordered pizza last night and I picked up Culver's tonight with some DQ on the side? Yeah, I didn't think that was wrong either. Thanks. (I do, however, think that sentence went on entirely way too long) (I'm just saying)

So Olivia is in Iraq. I'm sending a package to her Saturday morning (I have to wait for the new gossip magazines to hit the stands here). We're sending along some artwork from the kids and some photos of them with signs for her. I think it'll cheer her up (if she's even down) (I'm serious, the girl is in a perpetually good mood. All the time) (even when she's mad at the same person we all are, she giggles. She's so cute) (I miss her) (OK, I'm done)

I'm just babbling. I miss the Captain. He's in Chi-Town for a trade show and comes home tomorrow.

Oh and I joined a gym. Yes, the kind you exercise at.

For those of you who know me in real life, I'll wait for you to recover from that last bit of news. No, really, go ahead and pass out. I can wait.

K. So it's $29 a month and it's a small place, next to work (not that I can go there afterwards, they're closed then) and they don't have showers (so I can't go right before work cause, um, yeah). I do know some of the staff since they shop at our store on their breaks. I think I'm going to like it. My mother in law will have Peanut on Mondays and Wednesdays over at my niece's place so while Monkey Boy is in school, a sweating I will go. Mandyland is coming with me too, she said so. She said we can talk the whole time and it'll seem like we aren't exercising. I would believe her but um, I haven't run for more than 20 seconds since 8th grade gym. (I had back surgery the beginning of my Frosh year. No PE for my high school career, thank you Lord Jesus Almighty for that golden pass. I'll write a post about that someday). So, yeah, the Broad is going to the gym. Watch out.

First field trip ever for Monkey Boy yesterday. I'll post more about that tomorrow. I think the gym news is more than enough for my offline friends right now.

Keep on keeping on!

(God! I am such a weirdo!)


Dakota said…
I hope you feel better soon and good luck with the gym. I'll have to call you fitness freak instead of trish freak. haa.

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