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Ahh To Be A Teenager Again

I'm considered old by the kids at my store. I used to take offense at it but when I think about it, I suppose I am in some ways. I always tell them that in some bad neighborhoods, I'm old enough to be their mom. For real ya'll.

In eighth grade, one of my classmates had a baby. You read that right. Her kid can go out drinking with her now. I still marvel at that. I can barely contain my almost 5 year old boy and she can go paint the town with her kid. Yikes.

Then there's the music. I like to think I'm hip to what the kids are listening to these days. However, having said "hip to what the kids listen to" kind of negates that whole theory. I ask them what they consider classic rock. They come back with Metallica. That's after thinking for quite sometime on it. I almost passed out when a kid at my old store said people like Duran Duran and Poison. Good music yes, but not classic rock. Am I mistaken or would Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, etc, fall into that category? I think so.

The best is when I show Mandy pictures of the crushes I had in high school. One of my first boyfriends looked like Jani Lane from Warrant circa 1988. He was delicious looking. I also loved Sebastian Bach. Oh, the torch I carried (and still do) for him. Mandy shudders when she sees them. Gah! Their hair! Too long, too long! Gross! It's quite funny.

I felt like a teenager tonight though because I'm rockin' the largest zit I've ever had right smack on my chin. Front and center. Well, off to the side but still. Ish. I worked with Dar tonight and she rocks. If I had to play the dangerous "guess her age" game I would take a stab at 53 maybe. I don't want her to hurt me though if I'm wrong. Anyway, she looked at me after I had been there awhile and said, "It must be exhausting carrying that pimple around." Good thing I heart her. She kills me. So yeah, mid thirties and acne like a 15 year old. Awesome.


Mandy said…
HAHAHAHAHAHA i cant believe she said that!! yet at the same time... i cant totally imagine that coming out of her mouth. what a sassy old lady she is!

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