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Fade To Black

It's high time this crazy assed house got a new computer monitor. I'm in the middle of reading the news, poof, I'm blind. I see nothing but black. I go to blog so's I don't forget to do it before work and poof, my eyes must be closed because I got nothing.

I've been talking to the Captain about getting an LCD monitor. The monitor we have now came from my dad and I'm fairly certain he got it somewhere in the late 90's. It's huge, it takes up more space than my daughter. I need, no, I want a new monitor.

So I've been talking it up to the man. I have several points that I think make sense but let's face it: just because it makes sense to me doesn't mean it does to everyone else. It usually doesn't but I digress.

I have this old computer desk that I've had for 7 years maybe. It's survived 4 moves and it seems to be related to the Weeble family. There's also a glass topped long table next to the rickety desk that has my paperwork, books and other crap, er stuff, on it. It's not meant to have that kind of weight on it. I lighten it up all the time but good lord almighty, this shit comes outta no where and multiplies.

My genius plan (that's so subjective yes?) is to get a flat screen monitor, then get a narrow desk that would never hold the ancient monitor, get a 2 drawer filing cabinet and voila! Clean table that I won't break and my desk area looks clean. I can actually find paperwork in a traditional filing format instead of mine. Mine is "Don't touch those piles! I know exactly where that is! I DO!"

So, what should I, um I mean we, get? Any ideas? Suggestions? I need help people. I've told you that time and time again. This time, you can actually help me as opposed to those other times where you need a pharmaceutical license to help.

Thanks 4 readers of mine!


Anonymous said…
We got our new desk from office depot or was it office max, ugh, I have preggo brain. I know were its locatd so I can go with you if you want. Ours is pretty large and it was $85 or so, granted it was a major biatch to put together, in the end it was worth it, it is very nice. I am sure you could find something there! As far as to Kota he would know better than I :)
Mandy said…
i dont really have any advice on the desk... other than i'm pretty sure target has some good shiat... and i know you know that also! ;)

my question is... will you REALLY use the files and keep the table clean?! i'ma go with NO. cause i just cleaned my room and it took me like 2 weeks... yet in a day i am back to my old "way of storing and sorting". its just easier to be messy.

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