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A Good Feeling

After the day we had in Casa de la Crazy, it felt nice to sit down and take part in making some child's Christmas a little better. My husband's work takes part in Operation Christmas Child*. You get a shoebox and fill it with little things for a child in one of the particular age groups designated. The company pays for the shipping to send these to children who normally wouldn't have that great of a holiday. Now I'm not gonna buy a video game for the Nintendo DS or anything like that but I love doing this kind of stuff.

I went to the best store in the world yesterday and went nuts. I got three shoebox size plastic totes because really? Shoe boxes that had shoes in them? Shoes that people tried on then put back in the box? No, that's not going to work. Plus, they can use them for all eternity to stash their hot wheels, barbies, whatever

In one box I put all Hello Kitty stuff. A purse, lip gloss, notepad, pens. I really hope the girl who gets it likes Hello Kitty. If not, yikes. I could always send the box to Sarah. I know she would love it.

The second box was all Curious George. A wipe off board, stickers, notepad, socks. My son likes that show so I thought another boy just might.

The last box was the Princess box. A toy cell phone with carrying case, nail polish, glitter lotion and an Etch-A-Sketch because hello? Those are fun.

I also put a $5 gift card in each one and wrote a note to each child wishing them a great holiday from us with our address on it. I told them that if they wanted a pen pal to write to throughout the year, we would love to call them our pen pal. I really hope they all like the boxes. It's not that often we get to do something like this. I like knowing that I'm making someone happy.

Even if my own kid is screaming that he's not happy.

*The video on the site is a little preachy, not surprising since it's a religious based charity. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass later in life but I laughed out loud at the Jesus Christ, the greatest gift is coming to earth. In a shoe box.

I'll take a seat farthest from the burning fire pit of hell please. And a tall glass of ice water.


Anonymous said…
i know how fun that is! I have done the shoe box thing for the past five years. Does make me feel good to do it. Makes me think that the kid will love it just as much as I did buying the stuff. Last year i ended up with about $25 worth of stuff in each box. I CRAMMED shit in there. I want the kids i get to think that they lucked out! Yeah-it is good for me to get the whole shopping bug out of my system, even if it is temporarily.
Yeah I know. Selfish, LOL

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