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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Am I the only one who thinks back on high school and misses it a little? Don't get me wrong, it was four years of not so fun times but it had it's moments. I think about it once in a while. Last night for instance, these kids came to my register and asked for a favor. It wasn't busy and I was CSMing so I asked what the favor was. They asked if I could say something over the intercom. I said it depended what it was. They told me and I said no, I could possibly get in trouble. They asked, nay begged, for the manager and Terry came over. I explained what they needed and he was hesitant but then ok'd it since it was all in good fun. They were having a scavenger hunt of hilarious proportions. I went to page and the guy said he needed it on video. Great. He whips out the cell phone. Somewhere at Minnetonka High School people are going to watch me paging "Hemorrhoid cream is in the Pharmacy department, thank you".

That my friends is why I am Employee of the Month. I have no dignity. No shame.

My friends and I never thought of stuff like that to do. A fun scavenger hunt? Things like that make me think back to my schools. Yeah, there wasn't fun stuff like that.

For 9th - 11th grade I went to a school in North Chicago. I was petrified my freshman year. Imagine being in 8th grade and taking a tour of the huge, colossal high school you'll be attending in a few months. Now imagine seeing a rather large fella shove a considerably smaller fella into a locker and look around as if to say "Open this locker and you will reside next to him". Also imagine, you're walking down the hall following your tour guide when a couple guys come out of the bathroom followed by a large, thick cloud of smoke. It wasn't tobacco my friends. I was scared to even think of doing something against the rules so for me to see stuff like that? In school? Oh. My. God. I was terrified that I was going to die in 9th grade. Clearly I didn't but I never saw stuff happen like that in real life. Looking back on it, well of course it wasn't so bad. Add to all of that, a couple months into the school year, outside of 2nd period Spanish class, two girls got into a knife fight. In the hall. At school. Oh, and one of them was 8 months pregnant. Oh yes, what a stellar school my parents put me in.

In early spring of my exciting frosh year, my school was playing at a rival school, some B-Ball action. Our team lost. I wasn't at the game. Some guy who was not happy we lost was at the game. If I recall correctly he shot a gun "into the air" and hit a few students. No one was seriously injured but it was enough for my dad to send me to Iowa and my Gramma's house for the last quarter of school. Going from a city school to essentially a country school was different for sure.

Even though freshman year scared the crap out of me, I miss a lot of things from it. My Spanish teacher who was the most amazing teacher I had. Mr. Stanczyck. Senor Loco Cabeza. He was so much fun. I had my first crushes that year: Jeff Doran and Johnnie Johnson. Oh how I loved them. I was lucky in that I got along with everyone. Stoners, jocks, preps, etc. We didn't have goth kids back in the day (1987). They fell in line with the stoner/metalheads. I hung out with them the most and honestly, they were the most loyal, respectful, fun, honest friends I had.

I think I have regrets on things I wish I had done. Taken more chances (not doing bad stuff, just trying new things). Talked to more people, though my teachers would say I talked enough. I just don't know where they would get that idea.

Even though my friends and I never came up with some of the ideas the kids these days have or do the things the kids do now, I think we had a lot of fun and I wish sometimes I could go back to that. If only for a day.


Mandy said…
no... you dont want to go back. i just got out and trust me its no good.

and those kids just prolly needed hemorrhoid cream and thought that making up a story like that would be less embarrasing... clearly not though... becuase its online now.

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